Konstantin Chaykin Joker Classic Returns

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Konstantin Chaykin presented the long-awaited Joker Classic wristwatch at the prestigious Masters of Horology exhibition. This highly limited edition blends Chaykin's signature whimsical design with technical innovations. The 40mm stainless steel case houses an all-new exclusive movement developed specifically for the Joker Classic. The dial features anthropomorphic elements and intricate finishing methods never before utilized on Chaykin's timepieces.

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Marking the revival of the Joker line first launched in 2017, the Classic pays homage to the original's expressive, cartoon-inspired visage while incorporating substantial upgrades. Chaykin has painstakingly fused seemingly disparate concepts - illustrative artistry with haute horology. Satisfying years of demands from collectors, only 100 examples of this playful yet luxurious watch will be produced annually. The Joker Classic represents a culmination of Chaykin's mastery at integrating contemporary high-concept aesthetics with superlative Swiss watchmaking. This cult-favorite design finally receives a modern centerpiece interpretation loaded with exclusivity.