Nivada Grenchen's Depthmaster ‘Pac-Man’ Goes Bronze.

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Introduced in 1965, the Depthmaster was the very first dive watch to be rated for a depth of 1,000 meters, setting a remarkable record. 15 years later, in 1980, a Japanese arcade game would also take the world by storm – and eventually inspire the sobriquet for that ‘dive watch with those out-of-this-world index numerals’: ‘Pac-Man’. This year they have dropped a bronze version of the Depthmaster 'Pac-Man'.


For this one, Nivada Grenchen opted for a CuAl8 copper-aluminum bronze alloy – consisting of 92% copper plus 8% aluminum. This is because the aluminum oxides that form on the surface as a result of exposure make the metal even more corrosion-resistant. 100% bespoke by its very nature, the CuAl8 alloy develops a subtler, more even coloration over time. More importantly, the watch’s patina is directly influenced by the your skins chemistry and the environment in which it is worn. This means that no two Depthmaster Bronze watches will ever be alike.

In this latest iteration of the Nivada Grenchen classic, the Depthmaster Bronze not only remains water resistant to 100 ATM (1,000m), but also features design touches that add a sport-chic sophistication to its norm-shattering design. The black ceramic bezel insert, for one, offers a forceful contrast to the bronze and it makes the ‘Pac-Man’ numerals pop even more. A choice of straps, including ‘Tropic’ rubber, leather and ‘Racing’ (7 options), underscores the watch’s versatility and wearability in any setting or circumstance.

Retail Prices : US$1'750 / EUR 1'650 / CHF 1'600