Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star Watches | Watches and Wonders 2022

Watches & Wonders 2022: Jaeger-LeCoultre – Shooting for the Stars with the Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star

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Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star Watches | The Hour Markers

After dazzling us with the moon and a day and night complication, this year at Watches & Wonders 2022, Jaeger-LeCoultre ignites all senses with a romantic new Rendez-Vous Dazzling Star. The Manufacture has actually recreated the mystique and magic of a shooting star on your wrist. Depending on the movement of your wrist, a shooting star will appear on the dial at random moments – usually four to six times per hour – its unpredictability making it even more special. Intrigued aren’t you?

Well, to recreate this enchanting celestial phenomenon on the wrist, Jaeger-LeCoultre has conceived and developed an entirely new mechanism. Click here to explore…