THM’s Collector’s Corner With Gregory Selch: Discovering The World Of Vintage Watches


In the past decade, as the demand for previously owned items increased, the worth of a vintage wristwatch became more apparent. But what exactly makes a timepiece vintage?

“Collect knowledge before you collect watches”, says Gregory Selch. Today, we’re …

Omega Celebrates 60 Years Of James Bond With A New Seamaster Diver 300M and an unexpected Canopus gold watch


One of cinema’s most enduring icons made his cinematic debut on October 5, 1962. A staggering 60 years have passed since that first James Bond film was released. The 25 action-packed films based on Ian Fleming’s novels have set …

Analogue Time Traveller In A Digital Age

In 1979, an experimental broadcast was done by Doordarshan in colour. By 1982, full broadcasts in colour were a thing. You remember what I’m talking about. The bulky box, that sat in one corner, some of them didn’t even have