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Chopard’s Happy Sport watch, a dressier take on the brand’s iconic Happy Diamonds line, was first introduced in 1976. Both have loose diamonds or other stones visible through two layers of sapphire crystal that “float” over the face of the watch. The Happy Sport became a symbol for the Geneva-based brand and inspired a worldwide craze for steel-and-diamond women’s timepieces.

Chopard watches, like the brand itself, combine technical mastery with an eye for aesthetics and a penchant for innovation. In light of this, Chopard presents a new timepiece at Watches and Wonders 2023, designed for ladies who take bold steps towards their goals and whose vivaciousness propels playful dancing diamonds to perform a mesmerizing spectacle.

Chopard: Happy Sport In A New 25MM Size & Boundless Joie de Vivre The new Happy Sport has a 25 mm steel or steel and ethical gold case, and its exciting course of dancing diamonds is at its center. This resized version of the Manufacture’s signature watch is one of four available models, each of which is available in a variety of materials, straps (including the brand-new double tour), and diamond configurations.

Awestruck by the passing of time

A spherical face, gentle as a mother’s embrace and glistening as a champagne bubble. One in which we can lose ourselves in wonder and calmness for a moment before continuing with our frenetic schedule. A constant companion to slow the relentless motion of the world with amusing, poetic pauses.

In a magnificent game of chance and dynamic energy, this watch reflects the vitality in the form of five dancing diamonds, which are caught by a thin gold spinning top. The narrative of Happy Sport is the never-ending reinvention of the feminine spirit and boundless Joie de Vivre.

A jewel box fit for a perpetual waltz

With a 25 mm casing that honors the essence of jewelry watches and showcases the wonders of five dancing diamonds, the Happy Sport watch is back and prettier than ever. The ultra-chic chromatic texture of the dial’s pearlescent silvery grey color captures the eye and envelops it. Its delicate tone draws attention to the precious nature of the collection, creating a radiant core that never runs dry of comforting softness and where the eye may come to rest and rejuvenate whenever it needs to.

Steel, ethical gold, and diamonds are all present and accounted for in this Happy Sport 25 mm, keeping with one of the collection’s defining traits: the conscious pairing of materials from vastly different echelons. Freed from their shackles, diamonds have become more widely available without giving up any of their enchantment or allure.

Its smallest Happy Sport case ever made comes in four different finishes: polished steel, steel with a crown, cabochons, polished or diamond-set bezel in ethical 18-carat rose gold and steel with no embellishments at all.

Extravagant double-tour straps

The two non-gem-set variants of the Happy Sport have a superb double-tour leather strap for an ultra-chic finishing touch. As a bold fashion accessory, this thin, extended band looks great on the wrist and reimagines the watch in a way that is just unheard of in this collection by extending the movement of the dancing diamonds with a light aesthetic touch.

Happy SportThe strap, which has been given a marvelous midnight blue hue, is a celestial color that echoes the traditional sapphire that adorns the crown and validates the collection’s basic design standards by updating them to the most modern chromatic palette. When paired with metals like steel and ethical gold, this seductive color becomes an exceedingly chic accent.

With both of the models with a diamond bezel, the strap is made of midnight blue alligator leather, a classic choice.

Unlimited originality

This new 25 mm version of the Happy Sport, with its unadulterated simplicity, shows a previously unsuspected element of this remarkably adaptable watch. Since the beginning, the collection’s ethos has been reflected in a wide variety of forms, each one evoking the liberated mindset that inspired its creation.

An undisputed fashion icon since 1993, Happy Sport has never been afraid to freely mix and combine styles, materials, and eras. Caroline Scheufele, the visionary and avant-garde designer, created a stunning timepiece with an unconventional aesthetic. High-end, yet still casual enough for the gym. Unrestrained by norms, lighthearted, mischievous, and utterly cutting-edge, it merrily messes around with codes without sacrificing an ounce of its inherent femininity. In its cheerful whirl, Happy Sport carries a world on the move (and a work in progress): that of women’s emancipation, as well as the motions of the world, the evolutions of style, and inner transformations. Wear the words “Be Cheerful” like a good luck charm on your wrist.

Technical details
Happy Sport
In stainless steel
or two-tone stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold

Stainless steel
Total diameter 25 mm
Thickness 8.74 mm
Water resistance 30 meters
Crown in stainless steel, or
Ethical 18-carat rose gold, set with a sapphire 4 mm
Cabochons in stainless steel or ethical 18-carat rose gold
Bezel in stainless steel or ethical 18-carat rose gold, polished or set with diamonds
Glare-proofed sapphire crystal
Solid engraved case-back


Dial and hands:
Silver-toned dial with sunburst base
Blue transfers
Five dancing diamonds
Rhodium-plated or gilded Roman numerals
Cone-shaped rhodium-plated or gilded hours and minutes hands

Hours and minutes

Straps and buckle:
Iridescent blue alligator leather strap (on versions with a gem-set bezel) or double tour midnight blue calfskin strap (on versions with a polished bezel)
Steel buckle

Ref. 278620-3001 – in stainless steel with double tour strap
Ref. 278620-3002 – in stainless steel with diamond-set bezel
Ref. 278620-6001 – in stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold with double tour strap
Ref. 278620-6002 – in stainless steel and ethical 18-carat rose gold with diamond-set bezel


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