Are you a watch collector who wishes to own a watch specifically made for you? Well, this new creation by Louis Moinet at Watches And Wonders 2023 is your cue! Rather than being part of a limited run, each work in TIME TO RACE is one of a kind. This implies that collectors can give their watches a unique touch by selecting a single or double digit to represent a lucky number. It will be shown alongside a colour code on the watch face. Buying a TIME TO RACE means you’ll have a timepiece that was designed specifically for your needs.

Louis Moinet_ Time To Race Unveiled With Unique Personalisation And New Colors

“A collector’s item must be unique by definition. There could never be two identical TIME TO RACE timepieces, says Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO & Creative Director.


In addition to the traditional racing colours of Racing Green, Rosso Corsa, and Bleu de France, this year they are also offering a brand new and exclusive model dubbed Silver Winner. These hues were chosen to symbolise the most storied automobiles in history. From the very first auto races until the end of the 1960s, national colours were given out. In people’s minds, this custom lives on even now. A red numeral is featured on a silver background in the Silver Winning design. German racing automobiles come to mind.

The mesmerising hypercar idea behind ORANGE PAPAYA

The TIME TO RACE models stand out with their bright and bold colour schemes. With the well-known Lime Green, a zesty green that oozes power and sportiness, the newest invention, Orange Papaya, offers vivid orange with a blue number that recalls speed and performance. With the addition of these two new colours, each TIME TO RACE piece takes on a fresh, modern tone that is reminiscent of the cutting-edge design of hypercars.

Where the chronograph is really headed

The chronograph is the most practical of the complications in today’s society. The chronograph is the ultimate arbiter in sports competitions. It’s how you find out who finished the lap in the fastest time. The TIME TO RACE line not only enters the exclusive world of gentleman drivers, but also captures the essence of motorsport’s unparalleled aesthetic, the harmonious union of man and machine.

A magnificent new spectacle and a potent new invention

The intricate chronograph mechanism is shown in a new light, being entirely exposed on the dial side. The choice of the domed sapphire crystal that extends beyond the case is one explanation for this. Looking at it from the side reveals an unimaginable sight.

The competitive drive

The TIME TO RACE lines, in their pursuit of aerodynamics, have resulted in a look that captures the adrenaline and excitement of competition. The column wheel mechanism was designed to be the focal point of the sapphire crystal dome. It’s a clever and original idea that led to the development of a different kind of flange, one that is separated from the sapphire crystal. It also allowed them to incorporate a tachymetric scale with the conventional sixty-second chronograph display.

Louis Moinet_ Time To Race Unveiled With Unique Personalisation And New ColorsThe bi-material flange is manufactured from a unique material and has a complex manufacturing process. The bright colour in the flange’s lowest third is responsible for its lustre. In fact, the TIME TO RACE watches only give away their true identity at night, when the luminescent display of measurement indices becomes visible thanks to a proprietary technology. Pad printing is used to apply the original colours, giving them a matte finish. This method, which is extremely labor-intensive, is reserved for the most extraordinary wristwatches.

Time To Race Sketch

The 147 parts of the chronograph mechanism lay on a woven carbon fibre plate, which serves as the final finishing touch. In addition, the large coloured hand and one of the two fumé subdials make reading the chronograph easy. The watch’s central conceptual feature is a subdial located at 6 o’clock that displays the time of day. A metal ring reminiscent of cylinder bores is displayed around the owner’s lucky number, which is painted on a white background with a high-polish finish. grammes is all that the case weighs. Grade 5 titanium is used in its fabrication, and it is finished with a satin gloss. The lighter a watch is while worn on the wrist, the more it contributes to the feeling of unity. The strap was made to fit the case like a glove, further cementing the seamless integration of its components. The case’s lines are smooth and precise. The new crown support is located on the side. The bracelet is seamlessly integrated thanks to the openworked, softly arched lugs.

A highly effective system

The chronograph provides the most feedback to the user. The TIME TO RACE clan makes watching even more enjoyable by exposing the chronograph. With the touch of a single button, an original dance is performed right before your eyes. The chronograph is activated and time is recorded through the coordinated actions of a series of rockers, clutches, hammers, column wheels, and spring.


Exclusively unique editions Each unique timepiece associates a particular number with these colours offered:
Pioniers : Silver Winner (2023) | Rosso Corsa |Bleu de France |Green Racing
Hypercars : Orange Papaya (2023) | Lime Green

Material Grade 5 titanium | Polished and satin-brushed
Diameter 40.7mm

Functions Hours | Minutes | Seconds | 60-second and 30-minute chronograph counters
Complication Single-pusher column-wheel chronograph
Type Self-winding mechanism | balance with screws
Oscillations 28,800 vibrations per hour
Jewels 30
Power reserve 48 hours
Water resistance 50 metres

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