Cartier Baignoire


A classic and undisputedly feminine watch, the Cartier Baignoire has been an heirloom-worthy piece proudly passed down through generations.

An Aesthetic And Jewellery Value

First created in 1912, the Baignoire watch has undergone numerous transformations. Reflecting Cartier’s ability to realize limitless possibilities in terms of design and fine jewelry horological craftsmanship, the watch in its latest iteration launched at Watches and Wonders 2023 maintains a consistent pattern of continuity while managing to remain distinctly unique.

Celebrating A Tiny Watch With A Magnificent Chic Appeal

Fashion and style are very subjective. While trends are important, they risk making things too common and as connoisseurs of exclusive timepieces, we cherish the value of being unique.

Collective perceptions are poor references to understand or present a watch and are weak frames to encompass what it is about. In the watchmaking forefront, no other Manufacture has dared to explore shapes and styles as boldly as Cartier has. Its unapologetically distinctive case shapes and diminutive scale of offerings surprisingly feel opulent and special.

The Cartier Baignoire has a delightfully curvy form - source: @cartierwatchcommunity
The Cartier Baignoire has a delightfully curvy form – source: @cartierwatchcommunity

In the latest iteration of its beloved Baignoire timepiece, we witness a shift in both size and utility. Through a renewed expression of size configurations, purity of lines, the accuracy of shape, and precious little details, the latest iteration of Baignoire feels blissfully perfect.

The new Cartier Baignoire’s dial and its trademark Roman numerals are adorned with a more opulent golden ribbon. Cartier ventures to refresh the dial’s distinctive oval shape and transposes it into a bezel, which marries intimately on the wrist. Thus emerges a hybrid, precious creation – a watch that doubles as a piece of jewelry.

A Jewellery Timepiece

The irresistibly curvy Baignoire is a timepiece that encapsulates the essence of sensuality in watchmaking craft. While the curvy profile is a treat for the eyes, the hugging case shape seamlessly guarantees comfort, balancing the form and function appeal.

Available in rose gold, yellow gold, or fully paved variants, the Cartier Baignoire launched at Watches and Wonders 2023 celebrates the sun-kissed charms of the inaugural timepiece.

The Cartier Baignoire is available in rose gold, yellow gold, or fully paved variants
The Cartier Baignoire is available in rose gold, yellow gold, or fully paved variants

Despite its dainty size, the watch leaves a distinct impression on a black varnished leather strap, showcasing its unique character. This alternative display of individuality exudes more elegance and sophistication while maintaining its precision and accuracy.

The timepiece embodies the idea of change while staying true to oneself.

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