The Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Is Here : Mission to the Moonphase New Moon

The Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Is Here : Mission to the Moonphase New Moon

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5 Apr 2024 |
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Just a few days ago, the internet broke yet again white the White snoopy Moonwatch - Mission to Moon watch, teasing us with an announcement for April 8th And voila, here it is the all black Snoopy MoonSwatch – called the Mission to Moonphase New Moon.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch

If the white edition hasn't enticed onto the MonnSwatch bandwagon, this one surely will. Whats different, well its black! An inverted version of the white iteration you say last week.

Crafted with a Bioceramic case, crown, and pushers, and adorned with a VELCRO© strap, this timepiece features white accents on the chronograph's seconds hand, subdial hands, and tachymeter-scaled bezel against a black backdrop. The dial and case are both matte black, with white markers and surrounds that match the hands. The lume plots are in a unique black color, giving them a nearly empty appearance, as if the luminous material has crumbled (though it hasn't). This lume illuminates green on the hands and markers, while the crescent moons and stars on the moon phase disc glow blue, along with the hidden message "I can't sleep without a night light!"

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Under UV Light

Under UV light, a concealed quote from a Snoopy comic strip emerges among crescent moons and stars on a unique subdial. The dials proudly bear the OMEGA X Swatch branding, the iconic Speedmaster logo, and the MoonSwatch logo. Common features across all models include a box-shaped biosourced glass construction, an etched "S" at the glass's center reminiscent of the Swatch logo, intricate circular patterns on the dial's outer ring, recessed subdials, and meticulously crafted lugs. Notable details such as the "dot over 90" on the tachymeter-scaled Bioceramic bezel and the unique Bioceramic texture enhance the model's allure. Furthermore, Grade A Super-LumiNova® illuminates the indexes, hour and minute hands, and the tip of the chronograph seconds hand, ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions.

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch New Moon Dial

What we love about this watch is that little secret reveal in the dark. Concealed within the moon phase mask and disc of the model is a celestial surprise: a clandestine quote from a Snoopy comic strip, nestled among crescent moons and stars. When exposed to ultraviolet light, this celestial tableau illuminates with a captivating blue glow, bringing the scene to life in a mesmerizing display.

The obvious questions being availability yet again. Would you tent outside Swatch boutiques for this one?

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch Caseback