A Timely Partnership: NORQAIN and Dean Schneider Team Up Again to Save Lions

A Timely Partnership: NORQAIN and Dean Schneider Team Up Again to Save Lions

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21 Sept 2023 |
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Swiss watchmaker NORQAIN has partnered once again with wildlife ambassador Dean Schneider to create a special limited edition watch that will support his conservation efforts in South Africa. The new "Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition" continues NORQAIN's commitment to environmental causes and animal-friendly materials.


NORQAIN, founded in 2018, is a family-owned Swiss watch company known for its innovative designs and partnerships with elite athletes. This is the brand's third collaboration with Mr. Schneider, a former financier who gave up his career to establish the Hakuna Mipaka Wildlife Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center in South Africa.

Bespoke Design Honors a Majestic Lion

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition watch has a bespoke design inspired by King Dexter, a lion at the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis with whom Mr. Schneider has bonded. Only 300 pieces will be produced.

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition

The 42mm watch features a brown and sand color scheme echoing Dexter's fur. Its revolutionary 25-part case uses NORQAIN's patented NORTEQ carbon fiber composite, making it lightweight yet highly shock-resistant. The sand-colored rubber shock absorber in the middle contains actual sand from the oasis.

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition Dial

Other details honoring the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis include a lion fur pattern on the dial and strap, the oasis' logo on the case back, and inspirational messaging from Mr. Schneider engraved on the case surround.

The Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition Dial Caseback

Supporting the Mission

Hakuna Mipaka, Swahili for "no limits," is a 400-hectare sanctuary closed to tourism. It is home to thousands of species, including lions, giraffes, leopards, and zebras rescued and rehabilitated by Mr. Schneider.

Dean Schneider with Lions

Sales of the limited edition watch will raise funds to support the oasis. "Thanks to the partnership with NORQAIN, we’ve been able to fund ongoing operations at Hakuna Mipaka Oasis," said Mr. Schneider.

NORQAIN's commitment echoes its other environmental initiatives, including a carbon-neutral certification and the use of animal cruelty-free materials.

Continuing the Adventure

The release of the Wild ONE Hakuna Mipaka Limited Edition builds on the success of NORQAIN's previous collaborations with Mr. Schneider. Their unique friendship has now spawned three limited-edition timepieces supporting wildlife conservation.

Norqain Wild One Parts

This watch is the ultimate accessory for adventurous spirits seeking to make a difference. As NORQAIN says, "Be a NORQAINER – your life, your way."