Watches And Wonders 2023: Bell & Ross: The BR01 Cyber Skull in Bronze Flirts With The Fascination Of Death

BR01 Cyber Skull In Bronze Flirts With The Fascination Of Death

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1 Apr 2023 |
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Bell & Ross revived the Skull trends in modern watchmaking in 2009 with the inceptive timepiece offering in the launch of its Skull Collection: BR 01 SKULL.

A decade later, the Skull reappeared from the manufacture at Bell & Ross once again confirming the prominence that Bell & Ross garners within the contemporary design watches. The ultra-futuristic styling cues highlighted by the faceted styles of this avant-garde model teleport the wearer to a different dimension.

The BR01 Cyber Skull boldly commits to the skull character
The BR01 Cyber Skull boldly commits to the skull character

At the Watches and Wonders 2023, Bell & Ross introduced the latest in the series: the Cyber Skull Bronze. This watch is inspired by the appearance of the iconic Cyber Skull only to be alive this time as the bronze construction which makes the 500 pieces of this series watch ever evolving.

The sculpted case reminiscent of the angular fuselage of a stealth aircraft along with the imaginative cutting-edge techniques of Bruno Belamich - Artistic Director of Bell & Ross resulted in a modern interpretation of the Cyber Skull in 2020. This watch boasts a complex personality while offering an avant-garde design. The timepiece seconds as an honest tribute to origami, this ancestral Japanese art of folding.

Launched at the Watches and Wonders 2023, the new Cyber Skull Bronze takes up the square case in a bronze version. This unique design with this gold-colored skull offers a peak rock and roll look which we could easily imagine on the wrist of a rock star.

A 100% In-House Caliber

BR-CAL.210 manual winding caliber
BR-CAL.210 manual winding caliber

The artistic nuances in the Cyber Skull Bronze are perfectly complemented by the Bell & Ross-developed BR-CAL.210 movement which features an automaton animation activated by the manual winding action. The crown rotation makes the jaw of the skull comes alive leading to an array of expressions for the death personifying skull.

The Skull appears floating in the watch case as it is inserted between two sapphire crystal plates. The in-house BR-CAL.210 caliber, almost invisible, is concealed behind the skull. The movement architecture including its plates and bridges follow the skull contour and the spiral balance wheel located at twelve o’clock symbolizes the full-of-life brain of this skull.

The Timeline Of The Skull Bronze

2015: The BR 01 SKULL BRONZE is introduced as the first in the “skull” family to adopt a bronze case that acquires a patina over time. This version features a pronounced retro-futuristic style.

2016: The BR 01 SKULL BRONZE TOURBILLON, a unique Haute Horlogerie timepiece with Tourbillon, is destined for the famous Only Watch charity sale.

2017: The BR 01 BURNING SKULL BRONZE is the bronze derivative of the Burning Skull. This model introduced a 3D dimension to Bell & Ross’ “skull”.

2023: Launch of the BR 01 CYBER SKULL BRONZE at the Watches and Wonders.

Defiant In Death And Perpetually Alive

Expressing a carefree approach to life and encouraging the wearer to live life in full, the BR 01 Cyber Skull Bronze, symbolizes the fragility and brevity of human existence. The Skull family is directly linked to the military and aeronautic world. The skull has been a warrior symbol intended as much to affirm the bravery of magnificent men as to impress their opponents.

The watch features a moving skull jawbone when wound by hand
The watch features a moving skull jawbone when wound by hand

Bronze, A Material That Keeps Evolving

Today, the Cyber Skull reappears in a bronze version. The case, the crown, and the pin buckle adorn this alloy of copper and tin. Bronze is a living alloy that evolves. It acquires a unique patina in contact with each person’s skin. This version is the union of a traditional watchmaking material and an ultra-modern design.

A Timepiece Of Character

The Skull collection has become an emblematic signature for Bell & Ross. The Cyber Skull Bronze with avant-garde design is a perfect canvas depicting the brand’s design creativeness as well as watchmaking prowess.

The BR01 Cyber Skull appeals to collectors of Haute Horlogerie timepieces
The BR01 Cyber Skull appeals to collectors of Haute Horlogerie timepieces

This watch is guaranteed to cast a bewitching spell on collectors and enthusiasts of the character. The watch is available in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

A must-have for bikers and heavy metal enthusiasts!