Breitling’s Boutique Edition Superocean Heritage

Breitling’s Boutique Edition Superocean Heritage For Kapoor Watch Company

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25 Feb 2024 |
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Breitling has partnered with luxury retailer Kapoor Watch Company to launch an exclusive limited-edition Superocean Heritage timepiece. Only 50 pieces of this special diver's watch will be available. Unveiled earlier this week, the Breitling x Kapoor Superocean Heritage features a striking green dial with a 42mm stainless steel case and an 18k red gold bezel. The bezel is fitted with a polished ceramic ring that complements the sporty "mesh-styled" rubber strap.

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“Our long-standing relationship with Breitling is more than 2 decades old now. It's a brand that I'm extremely emotionally connected to, I still remember that my father gifted me my first watch, a Breitling, when I graduated from college. I believe there couldn't have been a better way to celebrate our partnership than the 50-piece limited edition for Kapoor Watch Company” said, Raunaq Kapoor, Head of Sales and New Business Development Kapoor Watch Company.

This is the first time Kapoor Watch Company has partnered with Breitling on an exclusive limited edition watch. What made you choose the Superocean Heritage model for this collaboration? Raunaq & Pratiek Kapoor said It's been an honor for us at Kapoor Watch Company to collaborate with our long-time partner, Breitling for an exclusive limited edition watch. Breitling timepieces have been coveted by sports enthusiasts, athletes, and aviation pioneers since the very beginning. The Breitling Superocean Heritage reimagines the ultimate sea watch, bringing style to the sea. For us, it was important to present an exclusive watch to our clients that carries the essence of Breitling - a watch that melds the legacy of the brand with modern aesthetics.”

Drawing inspiration from the original 1950s model, the Breitling x Kapoor Superocean Heritage combines classic design elements with modern accents. The watch features Breitling's signature triangular hands and a unidirectional rotating bezel, hallmarks of the original Superocean diver's watch. “⁠The idea was to design a watch that plays to the strengths of the collection. Hence, we stuck to the classic Superocean Heritage dial with hour markers and the mesh-style strap”, they further added.

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At the watch's heart is Breitling's Manufacture Caliber B20 movement, a COSC-certified chronometer based on the Tudor Caliber MT5612. The result is a contemporary interpretation of a classic diving watch that retains the spirit of adventure and style that has defined the Superocean heritage over the decades.

According to Pradeep Bhanot, Managing Director of Breitling India, “We’re delighted to be launching a special edition Superocean Heritage with our retail partner Kapoor Watch Company. The Superocean heritage is no longer just a diver’s watch, it’s a sporty, elegant watch that we are certain will appeal to audiences in India.”

Today, several brands are launching boutique editions. Is this a pro or a con? Raunaq & Pratiek said, “Exclusive editions help our clients relate with international watch brands at a personal level. Customization helps build the addressable market for the brand and associated retailers in the country. Exclusive editions send out a message that an international brand has made a watch only for the Indian clients which no one else in the world has access to. There is a sense of pride attached to this indirect way of communication. As for the Breitling Superocean Heritage limited edition exclusively retailed at Kapoor Watch Co., the fact that each piece has a unique serial number that clients can choose from based on their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other preferences adds an element of additional value to the timepiece, making the 50-piece limited edition in collaboration with Breitling a must-have.”

How involved was Kapoor Watch Company in this whole process? “We've worked very closely with Breitling to create a watch exclusively for Kapoor Watch Company clients. While working on this collaboration, we were extremely sure that the color of the dial had to be a striking green, it's a color that resonates with the Indian clientele. The beautiful combination of the green dial with the gold bezel and steel case works well for this watch. With about 50% of the watches sold already, our faith in the success of the watch has strengthened further. This limited-edition watch is an absolute winner with the Indian audience looking to make a statement at an accessible price point” explained Pratiek Kapoor, Head of Operations and Communication, Kapoor Watch Company.

The Breitling x Kapoor Superocean Heritage special edition will be available exclusively through Kapoor Watch Company stores. Given its limited quantities and appeal, anticipate strong demand from Breitling enthusiasts and watch collectors alike.

Breitling has an earned edge for itself in comparison to several brands in the Indian market. In addition to the Indian luxury watch enthusiasts' affinity towards heritage brands and detailed craftsmanship, the successful growth can be attributed to Breitling's continuous effort to modernize the existing point of sales and further expand the distribution network, to gain further market share. As mentioned before, country-specific editions are key for brand growth in any country. It helps consumers build a sense of allegiance via relatability.