Watches And Wonders 2024: An Encounter With Cartier's Animal Jewellery Watches

Watches And Wonders 2024: An Encounter With Cartier's Animal Jewellery Watches

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9 Apr 2024 |
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Cartier has once again mesmerized the world with its latest collection unveiled at Watches And Wonders 2024. The renowned Maison has orchestrated a symphony of savoir-faire, weaving together the realms of watchmaking and artistic craftsmanship. This year's novelties transport us into a mesmerizing menagerie, where the emblematic animals of Cartier come alive in an unexpected fusion of the figurative and abstract.

Cartier Animal Jewellery

Since the iconic panther first graced a Cartier watch case in 1914, the Maison's charismatic and untamed creatures have left an indelible mark on its watchmaking prowess. At Watches And Wonders 2024, Cartier unveils a mesmerizing fantasy, an imaginary encounter between the zebra and the crocodile, manifested in a fully-paved watch that seamlessly blends graphic and organic elements. Each stripe on the voluptuous oval case is meticulously defined by hand-applied lacquer, curling around a lozenge-shaped dial that showcases the brand's savoir-faire through delicately carved colored stones.

Cartier Panther Animal Jewellery

In a sculptural timepiece that defies the boundaries of reality, the crocodile takes center stage, observing the passage of time with an arresting presence. The realism is so striking that one might question whether these precious materials have come to life or if it is an animal transfigured. This feat of savoir-faire recreates the volume and tension of each slick curve, every spiked scale, and the flicker of life in a brilliant emerald eye. The depth of its profile owes much to the rich chromatics of the graded enamel that adorns the case and dial, harmonized with the color gradients of sapphires and diamonds – a specialty of Cartier's artisans at the Maison des Métiers d'Art in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

Cartier Animal Jewellery Watches and Wonders 2024

For a duo of sculptural novelties, the time for observation has passed. Here, the determined front profiles of a crocodile and tiger meet the eye directly, their jaws clamping powerfully onto the shining sunray dial, as if searching for their own reflection beyond time. Their bracelets ripple with remarkable flexibility, encircling the wrist in a series of contrasting colored stones that bring to life each animal's coat, creating a visual rhythm – and making a ferocious statement all of their own.

Cartier has once again mesmerized the world with its latest animal jewellery collection unveiled at Watches And Wonders

With this captivating collection, Cartier has once again proven its mastery in fusing watchmaking excellence with artistic expression. The Maison's menagerie comes alive, inviting us to experience the magic of savoir-faire and embark on a journey where time meets the untamed beauty of nature.