CORUM X Label Noir: A Landmark Timepiece With Signature Touches Of The Unique Bubble

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17 Jan 2023 |
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In a new collaboration, CORUM and Label Noir will produce a one-of-a-kind watch for the prestigious Macau Master of Time Event. The La Chaux-de-Fonds-based Swiss watchmaker has partnered with Label Noir because of the latter's expertise in creating unique timepieces.

To emphasise its distinctly modern character, the Geneva-based customising firm has applied its signature touches to the Bubble collection, notably the iconic CORUM Bubble 47 Central Tourbillon model: black, acid green, textured finishes, grey, and matte tones.


The result of their efforts is a timepiece that is uniquely Corum in every way, complete with their individual marks and replete with meaning. CORUM released the Bubble, a large wristwatch with a dome-shaped sapphire crystal, in the year 2000. A revolutionary design that has made this watch a must-have for the 21st century. This connects the worlds of horology and popular culture.

Severin Wunderman's Bubble Collection was an expression of his individual artistic ideals. The businessman had recently purchased Corum prior to the commencement of the Bubble. When he saw a technological and experimental diving watch with a thick glass dome that could endure tremendous pressure, he was inspired to create something similar.


Severin Wunderman was therefore motivated to create the Bubble, an iconic 47 mm in diameter stage. The Bubble has been transformed into a venue for experimental art, serving as a lounge where Corum throws its proms and invites other performers, graphic designers, and artists to contribute, bringing the brand to a new level of avant-garde design.


Label Noir has used all of its knowledge of colour and polish to make the Bubble a landmark of modern watchmaking by emphasising, in its own way, how to read time. Even though the concept is rather elementary in concept, the final product is quite amazing. The fact that the model chosen for this joint effort is a Corum landmark timepiece—an unmistakable design, a rigorously technical feat of exquisite watchmaking, and a variation on a (almost) time-honored complication—makes it all the more fitting.


Practically a standard complication, as the dial now incorporates a tourbillon that was formerly confined to the outer rim. This detour flips the movement's and display's structural priorities, moving the mechanical show to the centre where it is magnified by the Bubble's dome and moving the display (which now features no hands but rather indicators) to the outside.


With the intention of grounding this watchmaking "spacecraft" in the realm of conventional haute horlogerie, several versions of this core tourbillon have already been constructed in various materials, experimenting with opposites like steel and blue, gold and black.

Label Noir opted to take a unique path. From the bracelet (a matte textured black rubber), to the case (grade 5 titanium treated with black ADLC), to the bezel (grade 5 titanium coated with satin black ADLC), and even the plate, the watch has very graphic finishes that are deceptively austere since the play of nuances is complicated. This watch is more than just the sum of its components; it's a seamless chain of ideas topped with a bubble.


Steel accents in strategic places polish the dial's design, numerals, and display discs, drawing attention back to the watch's beating heart, the tourbillon. The hour and minute hands, the dual mark, and the strap stitching are all given a dash of acid green to make them stand out and make it easier to read.


What a unique bubble!