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Festive Dazzle: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Takes Bling To A Whole New Level

12 Nov 2023 |
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You're strolling through the glittering streets of Mumbai this festive season, surrounded by a sea of saris, sequins, and smiles. The fragrant air is thick with spices and an exotic perfume you wish you could bottle and take home. 

This festive season, is all about excess, so it's only fitting that watchmaker Roger Dubuis would choose this time to unveil their dazzling Excalibur Blacklight in 42mm and an EON gold case. This eight-piece limited-edition showstopper is the ultimate treat-yourself gift for serious collectors and watch fanatics.

Festive Dazzle: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Takes Bling To A Whole New Level
A diamond set bezel and an EOG gold case

If you want to make a seriously stylish statement this festive season, look no further than the Excalibur Blacklight from Roger Dubuis. By day, the orange and fuschia-colored micro-beams spread inside the caliber, placed like rays of light going through the mechanism. Come nightfall, switch on the UV, and prepare to dazzle - the neon-like tubes inside the movement burst into an illuminated spectacle. Inspired to push creative boundaries beyond their signature light motifs, these new Excalibur Blacklight MB watches incorporate playful hues for a fresh, contemporary look.

A standout in the collection is a model in bright yellow accented by pops of vibrant orange. The contrasting shades strike a harmonious balance while creating a distinctive aesthetic. The lively colors allow the intricate details of the expressive movement to reveal themselves like a multilayered work of art.

Talk about a bright idea! Roger Dubuis is taking innovation to illuminate new heights with their "Art Technologies". This genius approach combines art and technology to create exclusive timepieces in limited editions. The Excalibur Blacklight is a prime example, reflecting Roger Dubuis' bold and vibrant take on haute horlogerie that knows no gender or creative boundaries.

Festive Dazzle: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Takes Bling To A Whole New Level
A fuchsia and orange calf strap

Powering this vivid monobalancier is the RD720SQ caliber, boasting a 72-hour power reserve and precision that would make a sparkling light jealous at 4 Hz frequency. The iconic star-shaped bridge gleams in pink gold, with colored angles that glow as intensely as the micro-beams. Several technical enhancements optimize the performance and stability. The micro-rotor and balance wheel are designed to minimize vibrations and improve shock resistance. Efficiency and energy transmission are boosted through an improved escapement wheel shape, diamond-coated silicon pallet stones, and specialized lubrication. Meticulous hand-finishing qualifies the timepiece for the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, one of watchmaking's most exacting certifications, reflecting the careful craftsmanship dedicated to each piece.

Festive Dazzle: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Takes Bling To A Whole New Level
The monobalancier powered by a new caliber RD 720SQ

Talk about making a statement. This watch doesn't just tell time, it is time—specifically, party time. Slip it on, as the bi-material strap rests beautifully on your wrist and you're ready to dance the night away. Bold and daring yet refined, this 42mm white gold watch dazzles, from its sunny yellow rubber and calfskin strap to the micro-beams, markers, and signature star insignia. Thanks to a quick-release system, owners can also easily swap out the strap to match their style.

When your friends ask about your flashy new accessory, just smile smugly and tell them it's haute horlogerie. After all, Roger Dubuis didn't become a Geneva Seal-holder by churning out watches for wallflowers. "Subtlety" isn't in their vocabulary. "Audacious" and "jaw-dropping" are more their speed. The Excalibur Blacklight is a perfect example. During this festive time, it's guaranteed to outshine even the brightest star. Beyond this too, for a groom who loves minimalism, this paired with a subtle Sabyasachi sherwani would be a match made in heaven. Grooms, are you listening? 

Roger Dubuis has managed once again to capture the spirit in a timepiece of gemstones and precious metals. When you wear this watch, every day is a festival of lights. Cue the festivities, pour the champagne, and get ready to light up the night in serious style. The Excalibur Blacklight: proof that too much is never enough.