Roger Dubuis' Golden Ticket To The Festive Season

Roger Dubuis' Excalibur Monobalancier EON Gold: A Golden Ticket To The Festive Season

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27 Oct 2023 |
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There are watches that tell the time, and then there are watches that tell a story. The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monobalancier firmly falls into the latter category, weaving a lavish tale of extravagant craftsmanship and edgy modernity. As a shining exemplar of the bold and brazen spirit of Roger Dubuis, this timepiece makes a dramatic statement on the wrist. The Excalibur Monobalancier is a perfect encapsulation of this ethos, right down to its decadent dress of 18K rose gold that exudes luxury befitting watchmaking royalty. 

As the holiday season approaches, the generous golden finish takes on an even greater allure and meaning. Gold has long symbolized prosperity, warmth, and celebration across cultures old and new. There is perhaps no better time than the festive months for indulging in the richness of the precious metal. On the wrist, the Excalibur Monobalancier channels this auspicious symbolism into a dramatic statement of distinction and flair.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monobalancier Close-Up

Clad in a voluptuous 42mm case of 18K 5N rose gold, the timepiece makes a riveting first impression. The signature asymmetrical case flows with sensual lines, highlighted by delicate hand-finished anglage. Roger Dubuis decks out the piece in gold, from the prominent bezel to the skeletonized dials revealing the mechanical theatre within. Golden hues reflect and amplify the light from every sculpted angle, a testament to the brand's dedication to audacious design. 

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monobalancier On Wrist

Yet what truly sets the Excalibur Monobalancier apart is its unique balance wheel floating solitary at the 6 o'clock position, earning the timepiece its fitting "single balance" name. By isolating and showcasing the balance wheel, Roger Dubuis underlines its tireless pursuit of watchmaking innovation. This exceptional modification required reconfiguring the automatic Calibre RD505SQ movement into an avant-garde work of kinetic art

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monobalancier Movement

That same spirit of boundary-pushing excellence shines through in the brilliant execution. Skeletal grooves forming exquisite Celtic knotwork contrasts beautifully with the inner workings. Power reserve swells to 72 hours thanks to the platinum micro-rotor, while meticulous hand-finishing elevates the fine watchmaking at play. 

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monobalancier Caseback
Make no mistake, the Excalibur Monobalancier will garner attention. Its extroverted styling couples perfectly with formal attire during the holiday party circuit. Whether it's impressing connoisseurs with its technical feats or sparking conversation about its bold aesthetics, this is a timepiece made for grand entrances. For the man who revels in the exception and extraordinary, there may be no better statement of festive flair.