From Concept To Reality: Fleming Realizes Ambitious Series 1 Launch Edition After A 3-Year Journey

From Concept To Reality: Fleming Realizes Ambitious Series 1 Launch Edition After A 3-Year Journey

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11 Mar 2024 |
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In a celebration of Swiss precision combined with American ambition, the independent watchmaker Fleming has proudly unveiled its inaugural high-end masterpiece - the Series 1 Launch Edition. This 38.5mm time-only watch represents the culmination of over three years of development by Fleming's CEO Thomas Fleming and an unparalleled team of renowned Swiss partners.

Fleming - Tantalum on metal background 2.jpg

Craftsmanship Transcending Borders
At the heart of each Series 1 Launch Edition timepiece beats the cutting-edge Caliber FM-01 movement developed by the legendary independent watchmaker Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode. The exquisite dials are crafted and decorated by hand by the skilled artisans at Comblémine, owned by master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen.

Fleming - Plat - portrait on reflective surface.jpg

Three luxurious variants are available:

Rose Gold (7 pieces): Carbon grey hand guilloché and light champagne hand hammered dial - 48,500 CHF
Platinum (9 pieces): Southwestern brown and amber hand guilloché dial - 51,500 CHF

Fleming - Plat portrait.jpg

Tantalum (25 pieces): Frosted platinum dial with dark blue aventurine - 45,500 CHF

Fleming - Tantalum hero.jpg

Meticulous Design
Every detail of the Series 1 has been meticulously designed and executed, from the distinctive case and "horned" lugs to the dial inspired by the lug shape. The semi-skeletonized movement bridges allow viewing of the key components, with contrasting surface textures adding depth and dynamism.

Fleming - Platinum dial macro.jpg

Wearable Art
Wearability was a key focus, with extensive testing to ensure the ideal strap thickness, taper, and pin buckle design inspired by the lugs. Anti-reflective coatings and carefully sculpted lugs allow the watches to hug the wrist comfortably.

Fleming x Casper Ruud
Norwegian tennis star Casper Ruud, an existing watch collector and Fleming stakeholder, wore a prototype at the 2023 French Open. He is collaborating with Fleming on the lightweight Series 1 Ghost designed for sports while maintaining elegance off-court.


Elevated Client Experience

The Series 1 will be retailed directly, allowing clients to connect personally with Fleming's principals. Each comes with a year of complimentary insurance from WAX, providing peace of mind. An artful aluminum watch box completes the elevated experience.

Fleming - Plat movement.jpg

With the Series 1 laying the brand's foundation, Fleming looks ahead to the Series 1 Ghost with Casper Ruud and the Series 2 sports watch designed with Emmanuel Gueit.