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Geneva Watch Days 2022: HOROPEDIA Unveiled: The Very First Wikipedia Of The Watchmaking World

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30 Aug 2022 |
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We’ve all found ourselves looking for information on Wikipedia but having one for the watchmaking world? Well, that’s a first. Yes, you read that right. The first universal and multilingual encyclopedia dedicated exclusively to the world of watchmaking was unveiled today during a press conference in the Geneva Watch Days 2022 Pavilion.

A digital platform that is open to everyone, from the largest corporations and luxury watchmakers to the general people, is neutral and operates independently.... at long last! After twenty-one years, it's time for the watch industry to launch its own collaborative online encyclopedia. Baptized HOROPEDIA's goal is to disseminate the vast store of technical and aesthetic expertise amassed by the industry over the years and to shine a light on that expertise. HOROPEDIA will rely heavily on visual photos and short videos to capture as accurately as possible the movements and emotions of the people involved in order to highlight the human aspect of watchmaking because we know that video is more engaging to consumers and especially younger generations.

Simple and free to use like Wikipedia, with detailed definitions and descriptions of every word, image, component, technique, personality, and historical fact. This content will expand and improve over time owing to the input of its users.

The HOROPEDIA Foundation Board consists of Philippe Dufour (President), Dr. Helmut Crott, André Colard, and Marc André Deschoux (Executive Director) and is structured as a non-profit Swiss foundation.

HOROPEDIA is much more than just a database of information. It defines itself as a genuine watchmaking eco-system first and foremost through the entire watchmaking community which will contribute to the content, on a voluntary and unsolicited basis - in addition to the content produced by the Foundation itself - and secondly by giving students in continuing education the opportunity to continue their education in the field of watchmaking, or by supporting projects and activities related to the preservation of the watchmaking culture.

Funding for the platform will come from donations (from foundations, organizations, and people) and from the sale of extended, in-depth movies produced by the Foundation. Ultimately, an outstanding encyclopedia on watchmaking is being compiled to allow as many people as possible to experience the wonder of our field.