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How To Choose Your Watch

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12 Jul 2021 |
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Let's be honest, making that decision and then finally swiping that card can be an exciting experience but a tad bit daunting too.  Although the onset of social media is extremely informative and quite hands on, well most of it, in general it could put you in a continuous state of confusion. Sometimes an overload of information does put us in vulnerable spots now doesn't it?

Over the last couple of years we have seen an evolution, well almost an outburst of global watch enthusiasts and the fact that via social media platforms most brands have been quite receptive to their customers, the "next generation" collector has a plethora of information just at the tip of his finger. And if that wasn't enough, brands are also offering technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality to give you a seamless & convenient access to the product in the comfort of your own home.


I have often heard that watches tell us the time, but also tell everyone your time. Personally, I don't buy into that. In my "humble" opinion, your watch is one of your most intimate possessions. Let's face it, watches and especially luxury timepieces are not a part of the necessity list for anyone. I mean one of the biggest lessons this dreadful pandemic has taught us,  is the importance of prioritising our spends. So if you are spending your hard earned money on something that is not a "necessity", you better be sure of it, or at least try to!

But the quintessential question still prevails, how do you select a watch? Here are a few quick basic tips

1.Ask yourself, why do you want a watch?

With our current lives revolving around smartphones and computers, we live in a world brimming with gadgets that will tell you the time amongst other things. Think of why you actually want a timekeeping tool on your wrist with technology and craftsmanship that could be almost 200 years old.

2.Where & when do you want to wear the watch?

Watches are accessories, which can change the way you look & feel in a situation. Your watch can be dressy for those formal meetings/soirees, a daily beater that you could wear everyday and everywhere, a sporty chronograph that could be a loyal companion for all you sports enthusiasts or a piece of jewellery for those super special events. This will also help you delve deeper into the material and movement of the watch, be it a steel quartz or a mechanical rose gold. With the introduction of interchangeable straps, the options are galore.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar -2

3.Set your budget

Social media, peer pressure and social pressure often pushes watch buyers to disrespect their own pockets.  From our very own TITAN Edge to the world’s first GPS solar watch (The Seiko Astron) and ofcourse the innumerous "Swiss-Made" options, remember there are watches out there to suit all budgets. And if the idea is to build a collection, I suggest you take it slow. Although brand value and recognition is a key factor for most "new enthusiasts", don't let that cloud your decision. Your next purchase should bring a smile to your face and not give you sleepless nights.


4.Consider the "complications"

Watches that are labelled as "Haute Horlogerie'' are often equipped with single or multiple complications, which you may seldom use but may still want them to be a part of your watch. Calendar complications, a moonphase, the chronograph, a minute repeater,  a world timer, a tourbillon are just a few examples. Personally, I think the moon-phase is such a beautifully executed romantic complication. Your watch is no longer a tool that you need but more of an emotion. Go for what makes your heart skip a beat! That being said if you are an avid traveller, a worldtimer would certainly be the way forward. In that case the A. Lange & Söhne, Lange 1 Time Zone is quite a catch!


5.The Legacy effect

Many manufactures have a rich history and a legacy which is clearly visible in the DNA of their current collections. A brand that has a strong lineage in the watchmaking industry surely cannot be overlooked and could most certainly add character to the watch. The one example that comes to mind here is the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Tell me owning a Reverso doesn't make you feel like a part of the Jaeger-LeCoultre family?


This brings me to my final and most important tip.  Your watch is an investment, an investment towards your happiness. Don't overthink it and enjoy the experience. Happy shopping...