Laurent Ferrier’s Fourth Opus In The Serie Atelier: Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

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9 Dec 2022 |
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The Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green is a new addition to the "Série Atelier" collection from LAURENT FERRIER, a Swiss watchmaker. Rather than focusing on mass production, the company is pausing to give back to its loyal customer base. This latest "Série Atelier" release is a fitting memorial. At first, it's an homage to the original "Série Atelier," but more than that, it's an homage to the collectors who have supported the series since the beginning.


It's no secret that the watch business has been booming internationally in recent years. However, the latter can occasionally disadvantage collectors due to the limited availability of watches. LAURENT FERRIER may not have a silver bullet for this supply issue, but the House has been providing some kind of reaction for two years now. The goal is to make it possible for a small group of the most quick-witted collectors to acquire a rare LAURENT FERRIER wristwatch in under two months.


These limited and numbered editions are sold directly to consumers and are known as the "Série Atelier" collections. This plan is implemented as a continuous strategy to provide a premium service that reflects the history and values of the business. By limiting these collections to small, numbered runs, LAURENT FERRIER hopes to keep its watches' limited availability and the collector's personal connection to a secret. When shipping a grail watch to a collector, time is of the essence. As part of this special direct sale, LAURENT FERRIER promises to ship all orders within 40 days of receipt of payment.


This magnetic green dial, which was first featured on the Classic Traveller, is a one-of-a-kind creation made for watch collectors who value both high standards of craftsmanship and a unique sense of personal flair. As always, LAURENT FERRIER provides a fresh, opulent take on this standout green. The dial is constructed from two distinct finishes, creating a mesmerising dance of shadow and light as the dial moves. The drop-shaped indexes made of 18-carat white gold are the finishing touch on the dial's gilding, and they lend an air of unquestionable sophistication.

The little seconds are displayed at 6 o'clock, offset from the dial's thickness to ironically draw attention to it. All of its markings are transferred in a slate grey colour, a colour that requires a high degree of delicacy. Snail patterns in concentric circles provide a boundary or geometry within which the hand is free to work.


The Classic Micro-rotor "Série Atelier" features a baton-shaped second hand that is so finely made that it is counterbalanced by a slightly convex counterweight, a design element that is among the company's favourites. The centrally-fixed hour and minute hands are stamped with the same level of relief. These long and thin-bladed spears are a fetishized representation of LAURENT FERRIER's renowned Assegai form. After the initial shock of finding their cutout has worn off, the eye returns to the brightness, the reflections, and the delicate roundness.


In a grade 5 titanium case that measures 40 millimetres in diameter, you'll find a magnetic green dial that will have you spellbound. This case features the gentleness, domes, and curves that are hallmarks of LAURENT FERRIER's original "pebble" designs. It has a shiny finish on the sides, bezel, and lugs. By performing this procedure, the Classic Micro-rotor "Série Atelier" is given a refined appearance, making it look as expensive as white gold but with the durability and resistance to corrosion of titanium. The Classic Micro-rotor "Série Atelier" is so light that it is barely perceptible on the wrist, despite being four times lighter than 18 ct white gold. Titanium, because of its great hardness, is also very resistant to wear and strain.

In this case, though, the polishing is achieved by friction operations that are so gentle they are almost like caresses. This decision is reached without giving in to compromise because the Classic Micro-rotor "Série Atelier" has to be comfortable to wear and touch from any angle.


To ensure accurate time and maximise the watch's power reserve, the Magnetic Green dial is driven by LAURENT FERRIER's renowned Micro-Rotor.

The micro-rotor features an 18-karat gold oscillating weight with unidirectional winding, and the natural escapement movement, the FBN 229.01 calibre, is the result of a groundbreaking partnership between two watchmaking giants. The high-quality finishing, of which LAURENT FERRIER is one of the most prominent practitioners, can be seen in all their glory via the sapphire transparent caseback. To render the most exacting standards of traditional watchmaking, this clock features a finely circular-grained plate, hand-bevelled bridges ornamented with a rhodium-plated horizontal satin-brushed finish, a mirror-polished and openworked pallet bridge to show extraordinary hand-made inward angles, a rotor bridge that is similarly mirror-polished and hand-bevelled, and a bevelled and guilloché rotor.


The "father of modern watchmaking," Abraham-Louis Breguet, was the inspiration for this extremely rare and difficult-to-make double direct impulse escapement on the balance. It describes a mechanism with two escape wheels that turn in tandem to provide continuous power to the weights. As opposed to traditional Swiss lever escapements, which use a pallet-lever to transfer energy to the balance, modern designs use an escape wheel, which provides a considerably stronger and more direct impulse to the balance. Due to its unidirectional rotation, a second escape wheel is required to provide the impulses to the balance in a cyclical fashion. Silicon, a lightweight and naturally lubricating substance, serves as the pallet-lever they engage with. Indirectly proportional to the efficiency improvement is the increase in its independence. So, the Classic Micro-rotor has a long-lasting battery life of over 72 hours.


The Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green continues LAURENT FERRIER's legacy of producing high-quality clocks that masterfully blend aesthetic appeal, technical precision, and aesthetic harmony. This Classic Micro-rotor "Série Atelier" Magnetic Green, like previous versions, is created in a strictly limited run of 20 units, with a retail price of CHF 49,500 (without tax) and is only sold through the official Laurent Ferrier online store (