Laurent Ferrier’s Classic Traveller Série Atelier

Travel Light Amidst Greens With Laurent Ferrier’s Classic Traveller Série Atelier

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21 Jun 2022 |
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What is the first thing you look for when you’re travelling? Comfort? Nature’s beauty? Experience? Sit tight as Laurent Ferrier brings you the visions of green! Travel is more than a way of life; it's a way of getting back to the basics. The No.3 "Série Atelier" by Laurent Ferrier is a tribute to individuals who will not compromise their sense of style for the sake of convenience when travelling. An elegantly sunburst green magnetic dial and a forest-green nubuck strap accompany the new polished titanium case of the Classic Traveller Dual Time Zone.

Laurent Ferrier’s Classic Traveller Série Atelier

When you put on a Laurent Ferrier watch, it's as if you've stepped into an alternate dimension of watchmaking. It all looks quite clean and traditional at first glance. However, the more you look, the more you'll notice the numerous remarkable elements that set the Laurent Ferrier watch design apart.

In his artistic creations, Laurent Ferrier draws on his more than 40 years of expertise in the watchmaking industry to incorporate the ideals of omnipresent attention and painstaking craftsmanship into his process. This man's dream is to make every watch component with passion and attention. This is also true with the Classic Traveller.


The watch's overall harmony and balance are the first things that catch the eye. The dial's softness is accentuated with a beautiful green tone. In the centre of the dial, a sunburst accentuates the mineral tones. When the dial is held up to the light, this finish shows off the dial's several faces, which creates a bevy of sparkling green reflections. The dial features a dual texture, with a sunburst in the centre surrounded by a delicate circular satin finish. The vivid green of the nubuck strap accentuates this captivating green.

Classic Traveller Série Atelier Dial

Complete the dial are the attached 18ct white gold drop-shaped hour markers. They are a three-dimensional work of art in addition to their exquisite, elongated form. As they get closer to the centre, they become narrower in all three planes, beginning with the outermost ones, which are wider and higher. With a surface that is soft and rounded, as well as finely polished, they're ideal. To finish, the polished gold studs with rounded heads that replace the hour markers at 3 and 9 o'clock, where counters limit the use of long indexes, catch the eye as the final design element. The rhythmic balance of the twelve markers is completely preserved as a result of this process.

Set back from the dial's thickness is the little second hand, which paradoxically highlights it. Its slate grey Arabic numerals are a stunning example of exquisite craftsmanship. Track and 10-second sections are marked on an almost imperceptible snail-like surface within an elaborate grid of loops and curls of its vintage-style cursive typeface. An area for the hand's expression is clearly defined by the pattern of concentric circles in this design.

Laurent Ferrier’s Classic Traveller Série Atelier Front

The Classic Traveller "Série Atelier" features a baton-shaped seconds hand that is offset by a counterweight with a slightly domed shape, a design preferred by the brand. In addition, the raised form appears on the stamped hour and minute hands, which are anchored in the middle. They resemble long, tapered spears in the shape of Laurent Ferrier's favourite Assegai. The dial's shine, reflections, and subtle domes draw the eye back even after the cut is revealed as a surprise.


A 41mm grade 5 titanium case houses the magnetic-green dial. The "pebble-shaped" cases produced by Laurent Ferrier from the beginning have their characteristic softness, domes, and curves present in this case. It has polished sides, bezel, and lugs. The titanium's characteristics transform the Classic Traveler "Série Atelier" into a wearable white gold that is just as expensive.

Classic Traveller Série Atelier Movement

To create the Classic Traveller "Série Atelier" ultra-light and weightless on the wrist, four times lighter than 18ct white gold is used. Because of its hardness, titanium is scratch-resistant as well. With a soft, caressing touch you may obtain a flawless sheen with this method. It takes a lot of work, especially on the correctors' recessed surfaces, to achieve a dazzling finish on such contoured and softened surfaces. In order to make the Classic Traveller "Série Atelier" as comfortable as possible, every aspect of the watch, including the strap, dial, and bezel, was carefully considered.

In 2013, the Laurent Ferrier collection welcomed the Classic Traveller. Instead of offering a GMT watch with a traditional case and dial, the brand introduced this new GMT watch that didn't even go by that name or have a classic design.

With an aperture at 9 o'clock, the second hour hand can be seen on a disc instead of the typical central or off-center subdial, as was the case with Laurent Ferrier's design.


Laurent Ferrier has chosen its self-winding LF230.02 calibre, designed in partnership with La Fabrique du Temps, to bring these functions to the wrist. Laurent Ferrier is one of the most renowned figures in the field of high-quality finishes. In addition to a circular-grained mainplate, rhodium-plated satin finish, hand-bevelled bridges, mirror-polished openwork anchor bridge revealing exceptional hand-crafted interior angles, the mirror-polished and hand-bevelled rotor bridge, and bevelled rotor, the watch is a traditional timepiece of the highest quality. In addition to its sapphire clear case back, the Classic Traveller offers an unimpeded view of the micro-rotor with its unidirectional 18ct gold oscillating weight.

Classic Traveller Série Atelier Caliber

This series was launched in 2020 by Laurent Ferrier, with the Classic Origin Green as the first model. In 2021, the École Annual Calendar was redesigned in blue and orange. Unlike most Laurent Ferrier timepieces, the pieces from this series are created in small batches and offered only on the company's website.

This well-established rule applies to the Classic Traveller "Série Atelier." It costs 62,000 CHF (without taxes) and is available only through in a limited edition of 15 pieces.