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Panerai’s Luminor Due Gets A Lunar Twist : Luminor Due Luna

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25 Nov 2022 |
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The moon has always played quite a major role in our daily existence. From the flow of the tides to religious ceremonies, the harvesting of crops to maritime navigation, our luminous nighttime friend yields plenty of importance. Which explains why even the world of haute horology has not ignored this feat / complication in their collections.

Luminor Due

This year, Panerai, a name that resonates with tool watches manufactured for the Italian Navy, has introduced an extensive range of moonphase watches - the Luminor Due Luna’s. What is the moonphase complication? Well basically it is a replica of what you see in the sky on your wrist. A natural phenomenon that is translated and put into a mechanical watch.

But in today's era with seamless access to data and almost all details available on your smartphones, why are reputed watch manufacturers still rolling out moonphase watches? Well it may not be one of the most used functions but the moonphase is just such a visually enchanting complication and Panerai has surely executed it well on the new 38mm Luminor Due Luna’s.


It is no secret that the 38mm Luminor Due’s did not get the welcome they expected back in 2016 from the unforgiving world of Haute Horlogerie, but with every passing year, we see this collection gaining more popularity. The intent of the Panerai Due’s is very clear - an olive branch to leaner wrists that initially shied away from a Panerai given its large and bulky size and robust design.

 Luminor Due Luna

The Due’s are almost 40% smaller than the Luminor 1950 and can easily slip under your cuff. In terms of wearability, comfort and aesthetics the Due certainly gets my vote of approval. Which then brings me to the new Luminor Due Luna’s. Sun-brushed, mother-of-pearl dials in steel and gold variations on bracelets and matching leather straps, the new moon phases by Panerai are modestly elegant and most certainly gender-neutral. What instantly caught my attention is that beautiful gold moon disc that pops against the night sky and looks significantly spectacular.

Is this a Panerai for the ladies? Well, in my opinion the Luminor Due Luna may be compact in size with a romantic complication on display but still has that robust and masculine aesthetic with its shape and the iconic ‘Panerai’ crown guard. So although it may not initially attract traditional minded collectors and hobbyist, the Due’s do add a dressy feel to the military spirit of Panerai.

Luminor Due Luna

Powered by Calibre P.900, the watches have a three-day power reserve and are water resistant to 30 meters, emphasising the intention yet again that the Due’s are not the italian born-brands run of the mill, serious tool or dive watches but elegant dress watches now with a moonphase complication.

Approximate Prices of the Luminor Due Luna’s

Steel versions with straps : ₹ 7,22,000
Steel versions with a bracelet : ₹ 7,85,000
Gold edition : ₹ 17,45,891

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