Rolex 2024 Prices Are Out - Here Is A Glimpse

3 Jan 2024 |
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As is customary nearly every year, brands seize the opportunity of the new year to unveil refreshed price lists. With the advent of the new year, it was anticipated that the Rolex, along with numerous other brands, would introduce their updated prices, particularly in the sports steel models. 

Before delving into the detailed prices, let's explore some trends observed in the 2023 Rolex price list. On average, the majority of watches have experienced an increase of approximately 7% to 8% on a year-to-date basis, with a few exceptions like the Yacht-Master II collection or the AirKing. Additionally, there is a noticeable variance depending on the materials used. In 2022, stainless steel watches were predominantly affected by a price hike of around 10% to 11%. Examining 2023's prices, it appears that the steel-and-gold models underwent a more significant increase than the rest of the collection, approximately 11% to 12%. Full steel models saw an average increase of about 7%, while gold models witnessed an average uptick of around 8 to 9%. 

Let’s delve into what we see this year so far.

WatchReference2023 Price2024 Price% Increase
GMT-Master II126711CHNR13,18,000 INR14,29,500 INRApprox 8.5%
Submariner Date126613LB12,75,500 INR13,75,000 INRApprox 7.5%
Datejust 4112633311,73,000 INR12,67,500 INRApprox 8%
Sea-Dweller12660314,72,500 INR15,90,500 INRApprox 8%
Cosmograph Daytona126518LN24,99,500 INR26,78,500 INRApprox 7%
Sky-Dweller33693316,26,500 INR17,62,000 INRApprox 8.5%


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Oyester Perprtual 41.webp

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Air king.webp

Sky dwellers.webp

This is a common practice across various industries, and considering the current state of the global economy, it's evident that 2024 wasn't poised for a decline in prices. The escalating production costs are now mirrored in the updated price lists. On the flip side, the watchmaking industry is experiencing an exceptionally positive trend, as evidenced by record-breaking sales in 2023. Evidently, the concept of “investing” in a Rolex has proven to be right yet again. New prices out now on