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The Hour Markers Brings To You The Collector’s Corner

Avani Gangwal
4 Jan 2023 |
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A wise man once said, “You have to create what you want to be a part of”. And this is something that has stuck by us at The Hour Markers. Be it from reviewing timepieces or connecting with others that share a common passion for watches, we’ve always had a singular goal of creating a platform that brings the community together. Unbiased and wholesome.


And to kickstart the New Year on a high, we’ve created something special. But before the big reveal, we’d like to rekindle your minds with some imagery. Picture this… walking down the alleys of Palaces in Gujarat, the sound of pocket watches and an astounding watch collection, almost 170 year old in front of you. Next stop - a manufacturing unit in Bangalore and the sequenced processes of building hand-winding mechanical wristwatches. Truly a marvel. And now, we move to the sound of glasses clinking, conversations overflowing, amongst women enthusiasts with a humble date on their wrists for a one-of-a-kind evening in Delhi. How about experiencing a starry night on your wrist or Japanese-inspired gastronomical theatrics? Last but not the least, old is gold. Let’s enter into a vintage era, one that celebrates time as an art.

Collector’s Corner Events

Looks like that was quite a journey! Now, what if we were to tell you, we can help transport you to different eras, feel different emotions and offer you a platform to share your love for the humble companion on your wrist? Introducing to you, Collector’s Corner by The Hour Markers!

The Collectors Corner is where you may share your ideas on the exciting world of watches through blogs, articles, and pictures of your personal collection. In addition, we will inform you about the latest global and regional developments in the watch industry, including the introduction of new models and important industry events.

Curated Articles
Building a community is always better, don’t you think? Through this, we wish to feature your stories and share them with the world. You never know how your story may inspire others to start their watch-collecting journey or come forward and share about an existing one. The watch industry has always been a community; welcoming all those who have an opinion and a passion for all things watches. So much so, that the next-gen watch enthusiasts are all set to leave their mark on the industry.

Collector's Gallery

Collector's Gallery

But, how does this make us any different? Well, this corner is not restricted to only watch collectors or those connected to the industry. It’s an unbiased platform for all those who have a story behind a watch or have a collection but do not deem themselves as a collector. There’s more. You will also get invites to the events curated by The Hour Markers where you can mingle with other watch collectors. Apart from this, we will be hosting fun giveaways which you can participate in and win some brand merchandise. From which watch to buy, trusted retailers, and industry news, you’ll gain access to it all. All of this just by simply signing up on the website.

Collector's Corner
This year, we are only going to grow bigger, get better and give you an insight into the industry like never before. Collectors, lovers of watches and our passionate folks, sign up on the Collector’s Corner and experience the magnetic energy of this industry.

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