Space Relovution

The Magic Of The Louis Moinet Meteoris And Other Cosmic Connections

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16 Mar 2023 |
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The artistic ability to blend fine horology with art seamlessly is a philosophy that Louis Moinet has followed since its inception. While every collection evokes the coveter within you, it's the Cosmic Art Collection that should pique your interest first.

Before we delve into the beauty of the Louis Moinet Cosmic Art collection, here are five things you must know about the brand:

  • Louis Moinet is a contemporary fine horology label that was founded in 2004 but its story began back in 1768, read more about this here
  • Louis Moinet was the inventor of the chronograph in 1815, read all about it here
  • The brand Louis Moinet was founded by Jean-Marie Schaller, who made it his life’s mission to commemorate Louis Moinet’s work, read all about his journey with the label here
  • Most creations by the house are mostly limited edition but they also have a one-of-a-kind boutique that tailors timepieces to your exact preference, explore them here
  • Louis Moinet was known to be a trailblazing artist of his time who created masterpieces way ahead of his time back in the day and even now the focus of the brand is to recreate, reinvent and reestablish the same legacy, read more about it here
From rare materials from around the universe to dreaming (quite literally) out of this world, the Louis Moinet Cosmic Art Collection embodies the true meaning of going beyond. The idea of the collection has always been to add a more collaborative approach to watchmaking that combines works with cosmonauts and astronauts to create timepieces. From Space Revolution to Super Moon, Spacewalker to Skylink, each piece is an ode to a specific astronomical wonder that has been captured in the dial to commemorate its beauty and wondrous nature. While all of them are limited, each one presents a strong case that echos the motto of the line, “produce an excellent and curious effect”

Space Revolution

Louis Moinet Space Revolution
Built on the beauty of a pair of tourbillons rotating in the opposite direction, the theatre of the dial is a constant show on a loop you just can’t get enough of. Available in 18-carat rose gold and has two variants that include an aventurine dial and a unique piece with a blue dial and strap. The show of six elements in motion: two spaceships and two satellite tourbillons rotating around the dial, as well as the two tourbillon cages – each spinning on its axis unfolds its beauty before your eyes 18 times an hour.

Mars Mission

Louis Moinet Mars Mission
Paying tribute to the photos of Mars from 1965 by the first Mars flyby probe: Mariner 4, the dial features an engraving resulting from hand-crafted hammering creating pleasing contrasts on the surface of the planet. Representing an essential stylistic element in this creation, the watch has an opening between 8 o'clock and 12 o'clock, revealing each beat of its exclusive caliber including the escapement operating at a rate of 28,800 vibrations/hour, as well as the off-center seconds hand. Limited to 100 pieces, the 45.4mm watch is built around two vertical bridges that cross the piece to accommodate the strap at each end of their open-worked lugs.

Super Moon

Louis Moinet Super Moon
Inspired by the supermoon phenomenon of the moment when the orbit of this satellite is closest (perigee) to Earth, where the dial depicts the moon and its magic. Offering exclusive real fragments of the Moon, the 45.4mm dial is built around two vertical bridges that cross the piece to accommodate the strap at each end of their open-worked lugs. The color contrast is accentuated by its black PVD base and the lacquer in its center making the watch captivating at the first glance.

Space One

Inspired by the universe, the Space One chronograph is made in grade 5 titanium allowing its 46mm expanse to shine bright on your wrist. The porthole at 7 o’clock displays the date echoing the emotion of the passage of time. Powered by the LM30 the automatic chronograph features a mono-pusher and start-stop reset indicator. The most mesmerizing feature however is an actual fragment of the Armanty meteorite that has been delicately tinted blue.


Dedicated to Alexei Leonov, a man who was not only the first to walk freely in space but also the initiator of one of the most symbolic gestures in all history - an interstellar handshake with his NASA counterpart in 1975, the Spacewalker was designed to mimic the beauty of roaming in free space. Featuring an outsize tourbillon at 12 o'clock, a diamond revolves around the tourbillon representing Alexei Leonov. Aptly titled the world’s first “satellite tourbillon®” by Louis Moinet, the 47.4mm watch comes in 18k rose gold and 18 white gold.


Much like its name, the Skylink commemorates the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz adventure - the first joint space mission between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Also led by Russian cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, the 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, and stainless steel. The mesmerizing roman numerals dance across the cosmic art that backgrounds its unchartered territory.

The cosmic art collection is a collective of experiences, moments, and charms of history that are meant to be coveted.