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THM Curates: Beauty and the Beast!

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23 Sept 2021 |
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What women want…

Remember the story of Belle being taken a prisoner in the castle of the beast. Barring his audacious exterior she realises the soul of the true prince within! Yes, the epic story of the Beauty and the Beast. 

It is this thought that led us to curate a unique soiree dedicated to all the ‘beauties’ out there, who could look beyond the aesthetics and treasure the magnificence of the beasts, on your wrists. The Hour Markers in association with Art of Time, India’s leading luxury retail boutique, hosted an evening in Mumbai, where women could explore the art of fine watchmaking. Beyond the cliche label of “watches for women”, the evening introduced the ladies to beautiful beasts that would only further enhance their wrist presence. Watch collectors are often considered to be a part of a niche ‘men’s’ club who are passionate about unique timepieces. Yes, it is predominantly a male club, hence this evening was dedicated to educating the ladies about haute horlogerie and how they too could be a part of the “watch aficionado” club.

“Gone are the days, where simply a bejeweled watch would attract women” say’s Gaurav Bhatia – CEO & Founder, Art of Time. “Complication in watches is no longer a domain exclusive to the gentlemen. The ladies are discovering and indulging into Brands which were predominantly patronised by men. Not only the mechanical complicated watches have their fancy now, but they also appreciate the Métiers d'Art, the aesthetic arts as enameling, micro-painted dials, marquetry, etc. We also see a lot of women going beyond the classical sizes and transitioning into wearing bigger sized watches”. 

Just like we progressed from the fact that it is considered unladylike to wear pants way back in the 20’s, women today are finally venturing into exploring timepieces that are labeled “men’s watches”. As we raised our glasses and indulged in dreamy chocolate tarts, the ladies had an exclusive opportunity to experience the exquisite collections of various prestigious brands such as Breguet, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Roger Dubuis and various others that Art of Time houses.

“Our new concept lounge provides the perfect ambience for our guests. While we can host our clients and friends to evenings and experiences, it is also a private space for our VIP clients to have a viewing with watches with privacy” says Bharat Kapoor – Director, Art of Time. “Even though our first love will always be for watches, we are conceptualising thematics for our patrons that would include various experiences from the genre of luxury”.  

Well, it is that time of the year when expectation levels are sky high, yes, I am talking about cupid’s day, Valentine’s Day. How about this year you give him the gift of time that would look good on your wrist too! Be it the Luminor Due 38’s, the Santos or the Reverso’s, the Art of Time boutique has a plethora of luxury watch brands for you to indulge in.

So to answer your question ladies, “Should I wear a men’s watch if I am a women”?. Well, let me just say, if it feels good, fits right and puts a smile on your face, you have got to have it!

Art of Time, Mumbai

Art of Time defines the story of luxury watch retail, offering an assortment of the finest timepieces to cater to watch enthusiasts. Those with a passion for horology will find themselves in for a timeless experience with a diverse range from classics to contemporary during their visit. We believe in providing a simple, personalized and transparent shopping experience to all clients along with the finest quality of customer service. Our team is a selection of trained and experienced individuals that assist one in making luxury accessible and approachable with an overall knowledgeable shopping experience. We are more like a family than a company and we aim to make our clients feel equally a part of this family. Our core values and beliefs stem from the mindset of a simple phrase,

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