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Timex Marlin: A Shift Towards Mid-Century Design

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29 Dec 2021 |
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The Marlin® is a faithful update to a classic 1960s Timex watch that appears like it was passed down from Grandpa yet still sparkles like new. Its vintage-inspired appeal is for those who admire the beauty of the past, but its modern construction is designed for the wrist of today.

Marlin is a family of watches that were originally manufactured in Great Britain. From the rather sporty Marlin's of the 50's to the more sleek and elegant versions of the 60's, this collection has evolved with endless variations.

The hand-wound Marlin® watch was a hit for Timex in the 1960s. Timex produced an extremely successful upgrade to the original cult-classic in 2017 with a bold 34mm vintage powered by the Seagull hand-wound mechanical movement, sensing the time was perfect for a reissue. The timeless sophistication of a sleek mid-century design is combined with stainless steel, domed crystal, and mechanical movements. Every feature has been meticulously reproduced to bring back the watch that "takes a battering and keeps on ticking."

Marlin® Hand-Wound 34mm

Marlin Today

The Gentleman’s Hand-Wound 

This season, new designs produced in collaboration with Mr. Porter and Todd Snyder are available. To keep the movement from stopping, hand-wound (also known as manual wind) watches must be wound daily. This is ideal for Marlin owners who will almost certainly make putting on their Marlin a morning ritual. Simply wind the watch until the crown feels resistant. This should be done daily to keep the watch from stopping.

Timex Marlin: The Gentleman's Hand-Wound
Timex Marlin: The Gentleman's Hand-Wound

The new Timex Marlin looks at ease while you crank up "The Twist," adjust your tie and the perfect accessory for your night out, but it's just as at peace when you pull out your mobile to book your pooled transport. The Marlin, as a true vintage-inspired watch resurrection, stays faithful to its forerunners, flawlessly merging the 1960s vibe into the modern watch wearer's environment.

The Lady’s Hand-Wound

Staying true to its mid-century modern design and the Marlin DNA, these 34mm versions for the ladies sport a domed crystal, a delicate white leather strap, and rose gold embellishments but are still powered by a hand-wound mechanical movement. 

Timex Marlin for Ladies
Timex Marlin for Ladies

Returning to mechanical motion

The current Timex Marlin pays homage to the original by using the same durable, hand-wound mechanical movement. Fine craftsmanship and regular winding by the wearer are required for this vintage-inspired watch mechanism. Wind the wristwatch until you feel resistance on the crown, then repeat the process every day to keep the watch from stopping. The manual movement of the Marlin makes it simple to wind whether you're carrying it or wearing it on your wrist. You'll hear the familiar ticking of mechanical movement as your watch keeps time.

Timex Marlin
Timex Marlin mechanical movement

Materials that are authentic and attractive

The Marlin is composed of robust, high-quality materials, much like any other Timex watch. The Marlin's sleek, vintage-inspired design is complemented by a textured lizard grain pattern on the glossy genuine leather strap. You may easily replace the strap with another 18 mm leather band if you want a change. The Timex Marlin is also water-resistant, so it can survive inevitable encounters with wet weather or splashes of water.

Marlin Automatic California

Does the "California Dial" ring a bell? Most look at it as a glorified pocket watch, modified with welded strap lugs or a wire caging. First appearing on a smattering of European-made watches in the early 1930s, what we now refer to as the “California dial” is a layout you’ll find in a handful of different iterations, mostly dated before 1960. While a few variations exist, the general makings of a "California dial" watch are two different kinds of indices on the watch face: Arabic numerals from 4:00 to 8:00, and Roman numerals from 9:00 to 3:00, sometimes featuring an arrow or triangle at noon, depending on the watchmaker.

Marlin Automatic California Dial 40mm

This new iteration of modern classic packs quite a punch with fresh and exciting dials, housed in  a 40mm cases with a domed vintage-inspired crystal and a natural leather strap. With a 40-hour power reserve and a solid presence on the wrist this Marlin draws power from the natural motion of your wrist.

The Marlin, Timex's only hand-wound wristwatch, has found commercial and critical success, as well as a new audience of watch lovers who adore the reissue of a true mechanical watch. Say welcome to your new vintage-inspired timepiece. With this elegant updated watch, you may embrace suave, 1950s ad agency vibes as you walk to the office, party, or dinner date.