Vacheron Constantin And The Metropolitan Museum of Art Present "A Masterpiece on your Wrist" Program

Vacheron Constantin And The Metropolitan Museum of Art Present "A Masterpiece on your Wrist" Program

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29 Mar 2024 |
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In a remarkable collaboration between horology and art, Vacheron Constantin and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) have partnered to offer a unique and exclusive experience – the "Masterpiece on your Wrist" program. This long-term partnership, established in 2023, is rooted in a shared commitment to safeguarding and passing on knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.


The "Masterpiece on your Wrist" program allows Vacheron Constantin's clients to create a single-piece edition Les Cabinotiers watch, featuring an enamel reproduction of a masterwork from The Met's collection on the dial. The program showcases iconic artworks by renowned artists such as Claude Monet's "Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies," Winslow Homer's "Northeaster," Vincent van Gogh's "Wheat Field with Cypresses," and Augustus Saint-Gaudens' sculpture "Diana."


The process of commissioning a "Masterpiece on your Wrist" timepiece is an immersive experience. Clients will have the opportunity to embark on a private tour of The Met, guided by expert curators, to select their desired masterwork. Following this, they will visit Vacheron Constantin's Manufacture in Geneva, where they will meet the master watchmakers and artisans who will undertake the project.


The exquisite enamel reproductions will be created using two distinct métiers d'art techniques – Miniature Enamel Painting and Grisaille Enameling. Miniature Enamel Painting is a rare craft mastered by only a few artisans worldwide, allowing for the intricate hand-painting of artworks onto a base layer of baked enamel. Grisaille Enameling, on the other hand, is a monochromatic technique that excels in suggesting depth, luminosity, and dimensionality, making it ideal for reproducing sculptural works like Saint-Gaudens' "Diana."


The culmination of this process will be a truly unique timepiece, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from both The Met and Vacheron Constantin, reflecting the taste and interests of its commissioner while offering a daily view of a masterpiece.

Vacheron Constantin's CEO, Louis Ferla, emphasizes the quest for excellence as a constant challenge, and this partnership with The Met aligns with the brand's commitment to continuous learning and supporting the transmission of knowledge from master to apprentice – a core value since its founding in 1755.


Max Hollein, The Met's Marina Kellen French Director and CEO, expresses delight in partnering with Vacheron Constantin, stating, "We are grateful for their support of The Met's mission, which aligns with the esteemed watchmaker's own longstanding efforts to celebrate creativity and preserve artistic traditions."


This collaboration between Vacheron Constantin and The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a testament to the enduring pursuit of excellence, creativity, and the preservation of artistic and cultural heritage. The "Masterpiece on your Wrist" program offers a truly unique and exceptional experience for connoisseurs, blending the worlds of haute horlogerie and fine art in an unprecedented manner.