Watch Collector Rohan Shares His Watchmaking Journey

Watch Collector Rohan Shares His Watch Collecting Journey

1 Dec 2023 |
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In a world where time seems to fly, pause and dance to its own rhythm, the allure of
wristwatches transcends mere timekeeping. Every watch collector’s journey begins with
curiosity and so does mine. As a professional stock trader and Blockchain consultant, my watch
collection is often as diverse and dynamic as the financial markets navigate daily. These
timepieces are more than just a timekeeping tool; they symbolize memories, and milestones,
reflect their tastes, and even carry an aura of motivation and inspiration to me.

The Genesis of it all...

My journey into the world of watches began with my beloved grandfather. He introduced me to
the beauty of timepieces through the heirloom wristwatches (Omega Seamaster & HMT Janata)
he cherished. With every gentle tick and the wisdom he shared about watchmaking, I fell in love
with the art of horology. This shared passion for watches became a bond that connected me to
the world of horology and my collection of timepieces now carries forward the legacy he
ignited in me.

Omega and HMT Janata

The Inaugural Timepiece:

Yes, I am talking about the Frederique Constant Classic Worldtimer. The decision to acquire
this exceptional timepiece was not impulsive but the result of a long-cherished dream. It
marked a milestone in my life, signifying a personal achievement.

Frederique Constant

Discoveries on the Road:

When I visited Dubai the following month on a business I was browsing through some of the
rare Arabic dial watches and I couldn’t resist with Seiko 5 Arabic Dial that is exclusively sold in
Gulf countries. Its exclusivity, clean dial, regional aesthetics and access to affordable
timepieces made a place in my collection.

Seiko 5 Arabic Dial

The Pinnacle of Watch Collection:

I have been so captivated by timepieces since acquiring my initial watches. The Third and
fourth acquisition was carefully selected, the result of days of research, and contemplation
with an art and history attached to it. Omega Moon Watch’s association with the Apollo
program and its status as an icon in the watch world made it a compelling choice for me as a
collector with its versatile approach. I was so fascinated by its new in-house caliber 3861 the
manual wind and the craftsmanship that goes into it. It wasn’t days of research but rather years
as I have been eying this masterpiece since 2012 but now I can say that I have got my hands
around it. What drew me to this particular Grand Seiko Superman model was its exceptional
design and meticulous attention to detail, the very domain of Superman himself. The hands and
indices, shaped with intricate precision, exuded a sense of superhuman finesse. But it wasn't
just the aesthetics that captured my imagination. It was the legendary movement within—The
Grand Seiko's caliber was a marvel of engineering, known for its accuracy and reliability, much
like the superhero it was affectionately named after.

Omega and Grand Seiko

Special Treat to me:

After years of disciplined trading and achieving significant milestones, I decided to indulge in a
Tudor BB Heritage watch. It's more than a timepiece; it's a testament to my dedication, a
reminder of the lessons learned, and a celebration of success. With each glance at my wrist, it
inspires me to continue making shrewd trading decisions and reach new heights in the financial
world. Treating myself to this exquisite timepiece is a well-deserved reward for the hard work
and commitment that brought me here.

Tudor BB Heritage

Timeless Valor: My WWI Treasure

In a moment of serendipity, I stumbled upon a re-issue Waltham Field and Marine watch at
Watch Angels, a timepiece with a historical pedigree that piqued my interest. Learning that it
was once entrusted to the brave soldiers of the US Army during World War I made it irresistible.
Without hesitation, I made an impulse purchase, feeling a profound connection to the watch's
wartime legacy. Now, with every glance at my wrist, I'm reminded of the sacrifices of those who
served and the enduring appeal of timeless horological treasures.


The sky is just the beginning

Acquiring the Santos de Cartier watch was a momentous milestone in my life, not just as a
horological enthusiast, but also as a financial consultant. It represented the realization of my
financial goals and prudent investment choices. The purchase of this iconic timepiece marked
not only a celebration of timeless design but also a testament to the wisdom of sound financial
planning, making it a cherished reminder of both my success and my commitment to
responsible financial stewardship.

Santos De Cartier

Newest addition:

My recent acquisition of the Longines Heritage Chronograph feels like a journey back in time to
an era of timeless sophistication. This watch's classic design and impeccable craftsmanship pay
homage to Longines' rich heritage, and it now holds a special place in my collection. Its
precision and enduring style reaffirm my passion for the art of watchmaking, making this
vintage classic a cherished addition to my collection.

Longines Heritage Chrono

In the end, each watch represents a chapter in my life, a memory etched in horological artistry.
It’s a treasure trove of stories, aspirations, and moments of sheer joy, one tick at a time.