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Watches And Wonders 2022: Rudis Sylva- RS16 Harmonious Oscillator Marks A Breakthrough Innovation

Avani Gangwal
3 Apr 2022 |
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Watches And Wonders 2022 has seen some exciting new launches. Harmonious Oscillator by Rudis Sylva, however, is here to challenge watchmaking theories. Almost like marking the start of a watchmaking revolution.


Rudis Sylva's Harmonious Oscillator is a system with two mechanically interconnected balances operated by a single escapement. This design, according to its novel technicality, has a higher accuracy setting capability than a traditional tourbillon, thanks to the unequal deployment of the balancing springs in all positions, hence the term "Harmonious Oscillator." The first vibrations produce a resonance effect in this world-first using two toothed balances.

RS16 Green
RS16 Green

The technical specifications are as follows:

  • Two complete toothed balances are interlinked. This combination ensures the same amplitude.
  • The symmetry and energy of the balance springs are constantly opposed, enabling instantaneous average correction in the vertical position, which eliminates the effect of gravity.
  • Frequency: 21,600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz)
  • The cage turns 360 degrees in 60 seconds
  • Cage diameter: 17.40 mm
  • 2 flat balance springs, asymmetric deployment
  • 2 specifically shaped toothed balances made from special material
  • 1 escapement with 1 lever positioned at 90 degrees
  • Manual winding mechanism
  • Power reserve: around 70 hours
Watches And Wonders 2022_ Rudis Sylva- RS16 Harmonious Oscillator Marks A Breakthrough Innovation

A tourbillon, in general, requires a minute to adjust for the effects of gravity, as long as it is totally stable. By interconnecting the balances and deploying the balance springs asymmetrically, the Harmonious Oscillator allows for instantaneous time correction in a vertical posture. As a result, it is never affected by Earth's gravity.

Watches And Wonders 2022_ Rudis Sylva- RS16 Harmonious Oscillator Marks A Breakthrough Innovation

Finally, the Harmonious Oscillator outperforms traditional tourbillons and carrousels in terms of accuracy. In terms of setting, this method is nearly flawless. Tests on various measurement tools produce outstanding results, particularly in terms of amplitude in all positions or after 24 hours in a vertical posture. The measured amplitude is likewise quite good (difference in degrees amplitude upon position changes).

The watchmaker enters on the scene, calm and serenely assembling components to produce this beating entity, a heart to which one develops an instant attachment out of dread that it may cease beating. For the purist, listening to the tick-tock, enjoying the oscillation of the regulators, and gently stroking this technological gem in one's fingers provoke intense feelings.