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We’re Levitating with the Vianney Halter La Resonance

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20 Apr 2022 |
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In a clean, light and sturdy form, La Resonance by master watchmaker Vianney Halter launched in 2022 is both a feast for the eyes and a mechanical marvel. Inspired by the gravitational waves emitted by two rotating black holes, the watch encapsulates the essence of being suspended in time and space. It does so with carefully curated elements and style.

Vianney Halter employed years of research and development to create the mechanism that supports the Resonance. The assembly of the watch will remind you of undertaking a galactic journey, as most elements stay afloat and are fashioned to be as light as possible. For instance, the watch itself weighs only 35 grams. And, rest assured, the mechanical resonance by way of using the vibrations of two oscillating springs, will leave the wearer enamoured. Here’s a deeper dive into its features:

Two barrels, 55 parts and reliable accuracy

Vianney Halter La Resonance Watch | The Hour Markers
Vianney Halter La Resonance (2022) and Deep Space Resonance (2021)

In space, things gravitate and oscillate, attract and repulse. It is these movements that inspired La Resonance. Two spiral-balance oscillators, coupled with acoustic resonance, ensure accuracy in the timepiece. The watch is powering by two barrels that comprise 55 parts. Thanks to two barrels, the power is split equally, thus allowing the watch to synchronize properly. Moreover, manual winding ensures a power reserve of 100 hours. Along with that, the timepiece also comprises the acoustic resonance present in the Deep Space Resonance watch. The acoustic coupling mechanism in both timepieces ensures that the flow between the two oscillators is equalise. To achieve this, Vianney Halter had to give due attention to symmetry.

New calibre without a main plate

Vianney Halter Deep Space Resonance Watch | The Hour Markers
A see-through case displaying the complex mechanism driving La Resonance

Many standout features differentiate this timepiece from its 2021 Deep Space iteration. For one, its unique calibre VH222 has no mainplate. It is crafting only with bridges and pillars, with levitating axles and wheels. One might expect all elements to go haywire without a mainplate; after all, it is the foundation of calibres. However, here, Vianney Halter achieves an incredible feat, reimagining the calibre without one. The embellished components are built in a way that represents how the timepiece would assemble in space. They don’t need to reassemble in any particular order and can built or rebuilt using blocks. Moreover, each component is design to be extremely thin so as to embody the practicality of a timepiece in space.

An aesthetic treat for Vianney Halter

Vianney Halter La Resonance Black Leather Strap | The Hour Markers
Vianney Halter La Resonance with a black leather strap

Every element on this timepiece is present for a reason. There’s nothing superfluous about it, bringing it closer to its goal of emulating the no-frills atmosphere of space. A see-through case displays the horological mechanism, featuring three hands and multiple elements. Their fascination with wheels inspired the excessively large wheels that adorn the timepiece. Since the wheels are large, they bear a greater number of teeth that further accentuate power transmission. Additionally, the four-faceted axles in the watch are design to pay homage to blacksmiths who built tower clocks with only red hot metal, anvils and hammers. Like their determination, Vianney Halter aims to never compromise when it comes to technical advancement.

Encased in a 39 mm unibody titanium ring bearing the Vianney Halter logo, the case plays with light and furthers your galactic ambitions. A sapphire window at 3h allows the wearer to look at the heart of the acoustic resonance (much like the command centre in a spaceship). The timepiece boasts detachable lugs that are setting slightly apart from the body. They have their own, dedicated brushed and bevelled finish. Such personalised attention is giving to every element on the watch.

La Resonance is a peek into the galaxy and an ode to horological legacies. While pushing technical boundaries, with a mechanical resonance and no mainplate, it also stays in step with trends, maintaining the ability to read time on a complex timepiece. Ultimately, every element contributes to the resonance, thus enhancing the overall functioning and form of La Resonance.