Furlan Marri

Furlan Marri – a story of two close friends united by a common passion for watchmaking and creating new projects – Andrea Furlan is a Swiss industrial designer and Hamad Al Marri a watch collector and artist from the Middle East. After working several years for prestigious brands (internships for Chopard, Hublot, Sarcar and HD3 Complication), notably for Dominique Renaud (founder of Renaud & Papi, one of the largest manufacturers who developed movements with complications for Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille and Cartier among others), with whom he designed a complex watch called DR01 Twelve First, Andrea moved to Asia and California after 4 years, where he became a watch design consultant for various major groups in mass production and online distribution. After several trips there, he met and worked directly with the most demanding partners who are now supporting him in the creation of the project, since November 2019.

Hamad, who studied business management in Australia has been walking around auction houses and dreaming of incredible stories that watches could tell. His passion for independent watchmakers and watch finishing has never ceased, he brings his knowledge and insight into future collections and the vision of the brand.