Sarpaneva is a trailblazing independent watchmaker, celebrated for its distinctive and imaginative timepieces that capture the essence of Finnish craftsmanship. Founded by Stepan Sarpaneva, a maverick artisan and visionary, the brand fuses traditional watchmaking techniques with avant-garde design, redefining the art of horology. Each Sarpaneva timepiece reflects a fusion of artistry and innovation, encompassing a unique blend of dark and ethereal aesthetics.

The brand’s notable timepieces feature the iconic “Moomin” series, inspired by the mystical allure of the moon. These watches boast a mesmerizing moonphase display and luminescent dials, creating an otherworldly spectacle on the wrist. Additionally, the “Korona” collection showcases bold, rugged designs with intricate detailing, symbolizing the eternal cycles of nature.