The Women Watch Community Celebrates at Asia’s First Ever Watch Femme Hosted By The Hour Markers

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9 Nov 2022 |
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And here’s to another successful event curated by The Hour Markers!

Women and watches - not just a mere alliteration but a phrase that’s gaining momentum and ready to create a stir in the industry. We often hear or rather see, throngs of men at an event for a niche like watches - the obvious choice and understanding that they possess more knowledge and passion for this piece of art. But, look at the irony. The very first wristwatch was created for a lady by Breguet in the early 1800s; it later became the inspiration for the Queen of Naples collection today!

Ladies, it’s time to talk watches and move beyond the boy club cliches. The Hour Markers decided to offer women a unique experience by hosting Asia’s first-ever Watch Femme in Delhi, India at Spring House Coworking space on the 3rd of November. To begin with the venue was the perfect set up for the ladies to casually mingle and network with like minded women whilst indulging in the wines, some scrumptious delicacies and ofcourse the unique timepieces on display.

For those of you who are oblivious to the term ‘Watch Femme’, it’s an organization founded by three powerful women namely - Laetitia Hirschy, Suzanne Wong, and Nathalie Veysset. They host events across the globe to allow women to come together and break stereotypes in the watch world.

With a mix of watch enthusiasts, knowledge seekers, and leading women across different professions, the event was an eye-opener, conversation starter, and a celebration of the one thing that binds us all together - “Watches”. A festive-themed event, we had women walk in their Indian ensembles, pairing just the right companion on their wrist that showcased their personality the best. With Wordswork being our helping hand in the capital, every detail was looked into and curated to match the vibe.

Maison de Aromes’ perfume bar
Maison de Aromes’ perfume bar

To add a unique flair to the event, we had Maison de Aromes’ perfume bar, founded by a young 26 year old entrepreneur, Surat Sinha, where each of our guests could experiment with aromas, walk down the alleys of musky fragrances and customize perfumes based on their liking. Whether warm or spicy, oodh or fruity - they could pick their preferences and take home a fragrance curated for them.

The ladies at Raj Uphaar

At The Hour Markers, we have always believed in giving back to the society through our various activities, events and our various online platforms. This time, with an event that truly celebrates women, The Hour Markers took the opportunity to support Raj Uphaar - an initiative through which over 150 tribal women of South Gujarat are provided with employment opportunities to support their quest towards attaining self-reliance and financial independence. Through our contribution, we aimed to give back to the community and empower women. We undertake social causes which resonate with our beliefs and would continue to do so.

Karishma Karer, Founder at The Hour Markers, and Laetitia Hirschy, Co-founder and President at Watch Femme

As the evening lights descended into a twinkling night, Karishma Karer, Founder at The Hour Markers, and Laetitia Hirschy, Co-founder and President at Watch Femme engaged in a panel discussion about watches, gender neutrality, how to start your watch collection as well as several questions that raised a few eyebrows, captured a few ‘oh I had no idea’ moments and educated the ladies.

Talking about how to start your watch collection, Laetitia said, “It’s a very personal thing. Today, with Instagram we can connect with each other, ask questions and get access to a lot of information and unique styles.” Adding on to this Karishma said, “The best way to start your watch collection is knowledge. Don’t be shy to ask. When I started my journey 18 years ago, I knew nothing about watches. Working with a very esteemed writer back then, I would ask him to draft the questions that I could ask the CEO’s. Acting as if I knew it all, they could not tell if I had the knowledge or not. However, if there’s one thing I could change is asking questions. Today, this has changed for me. Learn about watches and understand beyond just the brand. Ask the right questions, ask the wrong questions, but start somewhere.”

Moving on, we threw the floor open to questions and asked our esteemed guests about their experience in the watch world. Have you ever been questioned if you chose a 41mm watch? Talking about an enlightening retail experience, Rachna Wadhwa, Collector at Time & Style said, “The knowledge is not there. I had a customer walk in who said her watch was not working, only to find out that her watch was automatic. She was not told by the retailer the workings behind her watch. She was so thankful to me that I explained to her about her watch. Women tend to choose their watch based on diamonds, colors, designs, etc.”

Pink it and shrink it - with more women rising beyond just designs, it’s no longer a term to associate them with. The market for women opting for watches with the bling element is higher, however, it is slowly changing. Prianca Datta said, “Had I not had the knowledge I possess today, I would have opted for a bling watch. Earlier it was about wearing a watch that my husband bought, but today, it is not only about the bling.”

Roshni Barodia, a watch retailer at Gangoly Brothers and enthusiast also shared her insights on how watches are an “emotional investment”. “I love wearing a lot of husband watches. In fact, I’m wearing his Jaeger-LeCoultre today.” As the event unwinded, we understood from the ladies what they preferred in a watch, and the complications they did not prefer; from perpetual calendars to tourbillons, what’s your pick? Adding on Archana Jain, Managing Director at PR Pundit said, “I don’t prefer a skeleton watch. It’s not for me. I may buy it but I don’t see myself wearing it.”

As the panel discussion ended, the women engaged in conversations like “what’s on your wrist, what’s next on your list and more” over their glass of wine, indulged in Delhi delicacies and spent time with the watches on display - from the likes of Hautlence, HMTs, Zenith, Bovet, Panerai Moonphase, Omega Moonswatches, and the new Carl F Bucherer Manero Flybacks. Ethos brought in a few watches that really caught the ladies’ eyes.

We were ecstatic to have this array of ladies, some who knew their watches and some who were eager to expand their knowledge about the world of horology. Women, it’s time to make your mark. A common voice was heard “We look forward to many such events for women.” We hear you, and we promise to come back with more.

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