IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

By Nirja Dutt

Jump into the deep realm of diver watches as we converse with CEO Jan Edöcs of DOXA, a brand that is known for their iconic creations that brighten up your first below and above sea-level. The house showcases some very compelling creations that have wowed audiences for decades, The Hour Markers discovers the brands imaginative redux, what you should look for when looking for a diver watch and what makes everyone go back to these ticking instruments in a digital world.

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

Doxa rebuilt their legacy of diver watches under your watch, what was that like?

Doxa is experiencing a fabulous rebirth. The community who knows about Doxa Watches, but more important, for the younger generations, DOXA represents the authenticity of a real story. About two years ago, we decided to highlight its fabulous heritage in diver’s watches. We rebuilt the brand image and a collection of new products that do not betray the brand but, on the contrary, pay tribute to it and are perfectly aligned with its DNA. Amateurs and collectors were not mistaken and today salute the work that we accomplished. And our customer base continues to grow. The results give us the pure motivation to continue this path!

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

What is the first thing one should look for when looking to buy a diver watch? 

First, you have to ask yourself some questions. For example “what will you be using for?”, “how deep you will dive”, “how visible is the dial?” “Do you want a bracelet in rubber or in steel?” etc. At DOXA we have worked on all these questions and answered the best we could with our products. The visibility of the dial for example. Doxa was the first brand to introduce a brightly colored dial in diver’s watches: orange. It was rather daring at the time, because all dials were black, silver or white at that time. The idea came from the engineers who were carrying out tests in Lake Neuchâtel, and it was the color orange that offered optimal visibility even at 30 meters. We continue today to care about visibility, and to offer the best visibility we can. Because, when you dive, this is key. About the straps, DOXA wants to offer two possibilities. Either with the iconic stainless steel ‘rice bead’ bracelet with a deployant clasp and diver’s extension (for quick wrist size adjustment when wearing a wet or drysuit); or with a new, sportier, supple and resistant rubber strap, with a tang buckle, that matches the dial color and features distinctive DOXA markings on both sides.

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

Do you think there is a market for diver watches that is based purely on the vanity of the timepiece and not the actual function? 

We can notice that the diver’s watch is becoming more and more popular for your everyday’s life. Because the watch tells about your personality. I can tell you that at DOXA, we are passionate not only about functions, but also about design. At Doxa, we want to deliver even more : to deliver to our customers high-performance watches, good design, while ensuring the best quality/price ratio on the market. 

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

There is a very bright colour palette Doxa adopts, why do you think that is? 

Color is in DOXA’s DNA. Over 50 years ago in 1967, DOXA Watches was the first brand to introduce orange in a world of white, gray or black watch dials. It wasn’t just about daring to be different. It was a purpose-driven choice. We have a choice of 6 colors : Orange Professional, the dial color first introduced by DOXA Watches in 1967, Silver Searambler, Black Sharkhunter, Navy Caribbean, Yellow Divingstar, and Turquoise Aquamarine

Do you think the retro revival trend that has taken most watch brands by storm is here to stay? 

Doxa was founded in 1889 and has a rich history of making watches. In 1969, DOXA introduced the SUB 300T “Conquistador”, the first diver’s watch for the general public equipped with a helium release valve. This was after introducing, in 1967, the first diver’s watch to feature a patented rotating bezel to monitor dive time and ensure a no-decompression ascent back to the surface. 

This is also to take part in this great adventure that our customers like DOXA and its design.

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

In the current Doxa collection, what is the one watch that truly impressed you and why? 

The SUB 300T. We launched it in 2019. This is a re-interpretation of the DOXA SUB 300T Conquistador from 1969. The legend returns with a choice of six original colors: orange, of course (Professional); yellow (Divingstar); navy blue (Caribbean); turquoise (Aquamarine); silver (Searambler); and black (Sharkhunter). Incorporating the aesthetics that unmistakably defined the SUB 300T Conquistador, the famous three-handed diver’s watch also brings together all the technical aspects that make it the authentic true-to-purpose, reliable and desirable diving watch for today.  

What would you advise a customer who would like to use your diver watch for more of his/her urban lifestyle and not particularly for diving per say? 

The brand has a strong community of aficionados and fans all over the world. There are even forums and books that have come out about the history of Doxa. Wearing a DOXA every day is very comfortable; the watches are well-made and represent excellent quality, with a good value for money. You will enjoy your watch every minute.

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Jan Edocs - Ceo Of Doxa, Jan Edocs Ceo Doxa

What according to you still pulls a large audience to diver watches even though there are many technologically advanced instruments that give you the same information, in some cases, more?

It is all about emotion. To wear a good real diving watch gives you so much joy and style on your wrist. Today, more and more scuba divers combine digital wearables with mechanical watches. The watch remains an expression of your lifestyle and is a statement of your identity.