TAG Heuer Sri Lanka Celebrates 60 Years Of The Carrera Chronograph With Singer Yohani De Silva


TAG Heuer Boutique SL, which is associated with CJS, Sri Lanka’s premier high-luxury jewelry and watch retailer, recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of one of TAG Heuer’s most acclaimed and iconic models, the Carrera Chronograph. Since TAG Heuer established its official presence in Sri Lanka in 2021, the Carrera line-up has always been prominently featured as part of the brand’s prestigious range of watches, sought after for its esteemed identity and heritage rooted in the world of motorsport.

TAG Heuer Sri LankaIn honor of the Carrera anniversary, a special event took place today at the TAG Heuer SL Boutique at One Galle Face. The event was graced by the presence of Akram Cassim, the CEO of CJS, and Brice Tchaplyguine, the General Manager of TAG Heuer, along with Hisham Al Jamaan, the Area Sales Director for TAG Heuer in Southeast Asia. During the event, the talented Sri Lankan singer/songwriter Yohani De Silva was presented with a special Carrera Chronograph in recognition of her contributions to the local music industry.

TAG Heuer Sri Lanka

The Carrera Chronograph draws its inspiration from the thrilling Carrera Panamericana race, which was held from 1950 to 1954. Jack Heuer, the founder of TAG Heuer, was deeply inspired by this race, leading him to create the iconic Carrera Chronograph. This timepiece represents not only a masterpiece of design but also the spirit of danger, endurance, and high-adrenaline drama that the Carrera Panamericana embodied. The watch serves as a tribute to the tales of ‘ultimate victory over insurmountable odds’ that Jack Heuer heard in 1962, long after the race had been canceled. Today, the Carrera has become a significant symbol of TAG Heuer’s affinity for motorsport and immortalizes the legacy of Carrera Panamericana from a cultural perspective.

TAG Heuer Sri Lanka Celebrates 60 Years Of The Carrera Chronograph

Over the years, the design of the Heuer Carrera has evolved while maintaining its core characteristics. Notably, legibility has always been a key focus in the design process. Jack Heuer understood the importance of legibility in racing and all aspects of life, and this principle has been upheld throughout the watch’s evolution. The Carrera’s racing pedigree was solidified with the launch of the Solid Gold Reference 1158, also known as the ‘Success Watch,’ which became highly sought after by drivers, including legendary figures like Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni. The appeal of the TAG Heuer Carrera extended beyond the racing world, captivating personalities in music, film, and other spheres.

TAG Heuer Carrera 60th AnniversaryAs the Carrera legacy reaches its 60-year milestone, TAG Heuer plans to reinvent many classic renditions and design elements of the chronograph. The Carrera Skipper, once beloved by both professional and amateur sailors, will be reintroduced with its distinctive livery commemorating Intrepid’s victory at the 1967 America’s Cup. Additionally, the TAG Heuer Carrera Date 36mm will see a refreshing revival, offering a sporty, ergonomic design and a variety of colorful dials.

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In preparation for its seventh decade of service, the Carrera Chronograph has undergone a celebratory renewal, with notable enhancements from its core to its surface. One noteworthy feature is the implementation of the collector-favorite ‘glassbox’ design, featuring a highly-domed sapphire crystal that elevates the tachymeter scale above the dial. For the first time, a version of the Carrera 60th Anniversary Chronograph will feature an aperture in the dial, housing a tourbillon mechanism, made possible by the unique dimensional qualities of the glassbox. Furthermore, the fiery orange detailing on each hour marker and the distinct triangular shape of the chronograph’s central seconds hand pays homage to the racecar dashboard instruments from the 1960s, preserving the racing spirit of Carrera even after all these years.