Announcing “MB&F: the First Fifteen Years, a Catalogue Raisonné of MB&F Watches”

The MB&F Catalogue Raisonné is a 312-page book (in English) that contains information about every single timepiece produced from the years 2005 to 2020, including prototypes and pieces that were not officially announced before. The book documents all 160 product variations along with over 400 photographs and indicates details such as the model name, reference number, materials, years in production, and the exact quantity produced.

The Catalogue Raisonné begins with 30 pages about the history of MB&F written by journalist and watch expert Suzanne Wong. The book is then divided into chapters, documenting the Horological Machines, the Legacy Machines, and the co-creations that have all been meticulously researched and documented by watch expert William Massena, working closely with the MB&F team.

The first 1,500 books will be reserved for MB&F and its partners, presented in a special protective box made of the same high-density foam used to package MB&F timepieces. Due to worldwide shortages in the production and shipping of raw materials including paper, the printing of the books has been delayed by a few months but deliveries are scheduled for the summer of 2022. The 500 remaining copies will be sold throughout the publishing house network of stores as of October 2022.

Pre-orders are now open at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery eShop: