TRILOBE Introduces A Dark Chocolate Delight : The ‘‘Nuit Fantastique’’ Havana

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27 Aug 2023 |
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Having liberated time, Trilobe now liberates space with another architectural gesture. Blending contemporary and classic elements, "Nuit Fantastique" dives into deconstructivism, a movement known as "New Modern Architecture." This architectural approach encourages free-thinking, embracing new geometries, unconventional shapes, and a sense of movement and dynamism.

Trilobe - Nuit Fantastique - Havana.jpg

With a raw and minimalist design, this dial features three distinct windows: the largest ring indicating hours, a minutes wheel visible through an aperture, and a seconds wheel alternating between a "Clous de Paris" center and an azure ring. The interaction of the minutes and seconds offers a glimpse into the infinite passage of time, set within a satin-finished and polished in-dial bezel. This blend of elements brings a new sense of universality and timelessness to this perpetually counterclockwise timepiece, embodying Trilobe's cherished X-Centric approach to watchmaking.

Trilobe - Nuit Fantastique - Havana(3).jpg

Exclusively designed for the rose gold case, this Havana edition of the Nuit Fantastique collection epitomizes style and refinement. The chocolate-colored grained dial expertly harmonizes with the delicacy of the rose gold on the infinity flange, an iconic symbol of the Nuit Fantastique collection. Constructed from 18-carat rose gold, our 40.5 mm diameter case has been meticulously crafted to accommodate the X-Centric movement. This rose gold edition exudes finesse and elegance, embodying a timeless and refined luxury, offering a unique and unconventional creation in watchmaking. Nuit Fantastique is equipped with the X-Centric calibre, a signature automatic movement developed exclusively for Trilobe.

Trilobe - Nuit Fantastique - Havana(5).jpg