A Guide To Luxury Watches: For Grooms

A Guide To Luxury Watches: For Grooms That Will Stand The Test Of Time

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20 Dec 2023 |
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Embarking on the journey to your wedding day opens a realm of elegance and sophistication within the world of watches. Beyond a simple accessory, a thoughtfully chosen timepiece becomes a timeless expression of your style, perfectly complementing your wedding attire. From classic designs to modern innovations, let's discover how the right watch can not only enhance your look but also mark the timeless moments of your special day. 

Welcome to the world of watches for grooms – where style meets substance, and every tick tells a tale.

Cartier – Ballon Bleu De Cartier

To begin with, the Ballon Bleu features a classic and timeless design that combines sophistication with a touch of contemporary flair. Its round case and signature blue cabochon crown make it instantly recognizable, ideal for grooms who are looking for a subtle twist on sophisticated traditional watches. With a calendar aperture at 3 o’clock, this 42mm timepiece has a mechanical movement with automatic winding, caliber 1847 MC. Furthermore, the steel case, fluted (spiral) crown set, blued-steel sword-shaped hands, sapphire crystal, black alligator strap, steel interchangeable deployment buckle, and thickness of 13mm, sure make this a contemporary choice for an event of a lifetime. 

Ballon Bleu De Cartier
Ballon Bleu De Cartier

MB&F - LM Perpetual Evo Titanium

For a groom who is looking for innovative Horological Artistry paired with unconventional artistics, we strongly recommend engaging with Max Büsser and his Friends - MB&F. Maybe not the Horological Machines with your sherwani but definitely the LM Perpetual Evo Titanium with a vibrant green dial.

The LM Perpetual stands out as MB&F's most intricate model within the Legacy Machine family. It showcases a groundbreaking Quantum Precision (QP) movement meticulously crafted by Northern Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell. Departing from the conventional grand levier architecture of traditional QPs, McDonnell ingeniously incorporated a "mechanical processor" into his movement. This timepiece is a sure shot hit for an evening to remember.  

MB&F - LM Perpetual Evo Titanium

Unlike standard QPs that eliminate redundant dates for months with fewer days, McDonnell's mechanical processor defaults to a 28-day month. It adeptly adds extra days as needed through superimposed discs, eliminating the need to skip over superfluous days and creating a foolproof system resistant to incorrect manipulation. Read more here

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monotourbillon DBEX0982

If you're someone who won't shy away from making a bold and impactful statement, the Rainbow Roger Dubuis in EON Gold is the perfect choice for you. Unlike the usual warm tone, EON GOLD TM is a unique 750/1000 5N pink gold alloy designed to resist tarnishing, even when subjected to extreme conditions. Perfect for some of those wild “sangeet” nights!

Roger Dubuis – Excalibur Monotourbillon DBEX0982
The Excalibur Montourbillon DBEXO982 is the perfect stand-out choice for the man of the moment. A 42mm EON gold bezel case, set with baguettes cut rainbow-coloured stones on a pink gold bracelet is going to make heads turn. If you can look beyond all those colours, the cherry on the cake is the calibre with improved performances. An increased power reserve up to 72 hours thanks to tourbillon carriages made in titanium and cobalt chrome. Some may debate the baguettes cut rainbow-coloured stones but as the brand clearly states - No Rules, Our Game.

Rolex 1908

With its slender and exquisite 18k gold case, the Rolex 1908 watch strikes an ideal balance between refinement and subtle strength - symbolic qualities for both marriage and the groom who has pledged his commitment. The sleek, integrated lugs and elegant faceted hour markers continue Rolex’s legacy of harmonizing delicacy and durability in trailblazing watch design. Yet nods to tradition remain with its black alligator leather strap, dual clasp featuring two symmetrical blades, and timeless 3, 6, 9, and 12 numeral dial. 

Rolex - 1908

The small seconds hand with precision movement marks the ongoing journey of each moment the couple will spend building a life together. This wedding gift will remind the groom to stay present and cherish his partner, for decades to come. Its precious metals and meticulous craftwork make the 1908 an heirloom to one day pass down, recounting stories of the groom’s special day when he took the courageous first steps into their future. 

Breguet Heritage 5400

As the groom stands at the altar, eagerly awaiting his bride-to-be, the Breguet Héritage Chronograph becomes a symbolic reminder of both the foundations of the past and the promise of the future ahead.

Its curved, tonneau-shaped 18k rose gold case reflects the time-honored Breguet heritage, passed down through generations of master craftsmanship. Yet inside beats a self-winding movement pointing to the future of shared moments for the couple - with subdials marking each hour and minute they will spend hand-in-hand. The curved silvered gold dial wears artistic engravings, made enduring by a commitment as strong as the robust engineering underneath.

Breguet Heritage 5400

As the groom slips the chronograph over his wrist, he honors traditions that have shaped him while welcoming a partner with whom he will shape their own traditions in the decades to come.

As we all know weddings happen once in a lifetime. Be it the look, the feelings or the moment, they are truly captured through time and time alone is the biggest witness of the majestic love. So, why not make it even grander by wearing time that makes a statement on your wrist and in your heart.