Anushka Sharma, Michael Kors India Newest Watch Ambassador (3)

Bollywood Brand Ambassadors For Watches: The Right Fit Or A Misfit?

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15 Dec 2022 |
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There is little doubt that Bollywood has made a tremendous impact on Indian culture and that it continues to captivate the country's citizens. In an effort to broaden their customer base and attract more manufacturers from around the world, Bollywood's top stars act as their brand ambassadors.

Bollywood stars are well-known for their extensive watch collections, and some of them have even become official ambassadors/representatives for various brands from the likes of Ulysse Nardin, Cartier to Michael Kors, Rado, and so on.

But the question remains: how do they select their brand ambassadors? Are the brand ambassadors a good match for the brand’s values? Is it a good fit or a misfit? As for our opinion, here it is.

Deepika Padukone- Brand Ambassador of Cartier

Actress Deepika Padukone is a symbol with worldwide resonance that stays true to history, always balancing innovation and heritage, and perfectly encapsulates the collision of contrasts that so truly defines the Cartier essence. Deepika is a perfect representative of the Maison's principles of innovation, universality, and open-mindedness because she is both an inspiring actor and a passionate philanthropist.

Deepika Padukone wearing cartier jewellery credit Greg Williams
Image Credits: Greg Williams

A brand that is a natural extension of yourself with its various creations and one which adds the glam to our wrists, Deepika is the right fit; being one who shares the same ideology. More so with Cartier planning to expand its foothold in the Indian markets, Deepika Padukone ticks the box.

Siddhant Chaturvedi - Brand Ambassador of Ulysse Nardin

Swiss Manufacturer Ulysse Nardin is known for its daring, free-spirited and a look into the future timepieces. Recently, they announced the young and talented actor Sidddhant Chaturvedi as an ambassador for India. With his consistent performance and the urge to try on new roles encapsulates the many characters that Ulysse Nardin timepieces portray. To celebrate this moment, the brand even held an event at Soho House Mumbai, in October 2022 where he spoke about the brand ethos, his favorite timepieces and more.

Siddhant Chaturvedi - Brand Ambassador of Ulysse Nardin

Constantly striving for the sky and a supernova, we believe this association will help both expand their horizons and discover a new side to their personalities. It's hard to miss Siddhant! Like the brand, he is a free thinker and a never-ending explorer. The Indian consumer market is ripe with incredible surprises and discerning shoppers. The brand has been popular in India for a long time, and the locals are familiar with its history and ethos. The question being who would be a good fit to represent the Freaks? Someone who is known to be a daredevil, someone who’s stood strong against all odds and made a mark? Maybe…

Alia Bhatt- Brand Ambassador of Titan Raga

Boldly beautiful and an actress that delivers across various different personas - did Titan Raga make the right choice? Raga by Titan has gained notoriety for its up-to-the-minute discussions about gender, particularly its glorification of women who are unafraid to express themselves fully and fearlessly. It is a tribute to the young ladies of India who, despite cultural pressures, struggle to fully express their ambitions and identities. The film normalises the use of impromptu humour and sarcasm in everyday family interactions, thanks in large part to Alia, who displays these traits with ease.

Alia Bhatt- Brand Ambassador of Titan Raga

The Titan Raga is a metaphor for free expression. The brand consistently communicates a strong, unambiguous point of view that speaks to the modern young woman across all of its marketing and product design. Being confident and outspoken, Alia seems to be the perfect fit for the brand's story.

Ranveer Singh- Brand Ambassador of Franck Muller

Some scientists argue that time is relative and not an absolute. It's possible that Ranveer Singh would support this view. Known for his quirky styles - from colorful attires to being a trendsetter, his charisma and energy is unmatched! Just like how the Vanguard or The Crazy Hours by Franck Muller continue to charm us.

Ranveer Singh- Brand Ambassador of Franck Muller

Franck Muller had a vision to have fun with their timepieces as well as explore new designs? Well going by this, Ranveer Singh surely seems to be the right fit. He also wishes to own a timepiece solely designed for him or one that can be worn as a neckpiece. Well, Franck Muller is surely up for a challenge with Singh oozing with energy and ideas.

Anushka Sharma - Brand Ambassador of Michael Kors

Anushka is not just a successful actress and producer, but also a global style icon whose chic sophistication has influenced many others. Her glitzy aesthetic is a natural fit for the Michael Kors brand and is sure to boost its popularity in the Indian market.

Anushka Sharma, Michael Kors India Newest Watch Ambassador (1)

As a result of Michael Kors's worldwide fame, his brand is well known in India. Michael Kors goes above and above in terms of elegance to design truly timeless watches that are the perfect companion for the modern woman. Timepieces by Michael Kors are readily recognisable as being designed and crafted in a way that is reminiscent of heirloom quality. Anushka is a perfect representative of the company because throughout her career she has been a trendsetter in both her acting and fashion choices.

Hrithik Roshan - Brand Ambassador of Rado

Everybody can count on Rado. In a nutshell, it's a brand that stands for optimism. One of Bollywood's busiest and most successful performers, Hrithik Roshan, is a true workhorse. His impressive career spans over twenty years and includes roles that are both physically and emotionally demanding on the actor.

Rado Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood's leading man embodies the Swiss label's innovative prowess and unwavering standards of quality. Not only does he exude a powerful charisma and athletic figure, but he also exudes elegance and confidence, captivating men and women of all ages. Rado watches were made to complement his on-screen and off-screen personas.

That being said, numerous variables affect how efficient a celebrity ambassador will be. Most crucial is whether or not the celebrity endorser is a "good fit" for the brand and actually likes the product they're endorsing. There’s no magic formula or a one-size fits all, but the perfect piece to your brand puzzle can go a long way.