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Cartier Re-opens Its Doors To An All-New 13 Paix: The Art Of Metamorphosis

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16 Nov 2022 |
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It's a lucky 13! Since its opening in 1898 on the street de la Paix, Cartier has been well-aware of this fact. After two years of intensive repair, a legendary address, the birthplace of Maison's style, is reopening its doors today.

Moinard/Bétaille, Studioparisien, and Laura Gonzalez, three different architectural companies, collaborated well to remodel all six stories of the structure. From the ground-floor boutique to the fifth-floor archives, winter garden, and the Residence, a place of life and gatherings, it's all there for the taking.

Cartier galaxy

There are a few key planets inside the Cartier galaxy; these are the Maison's historical and stylistic landmarks, sites of memory and sites of life that radiate and inspire the whole Cartier constellation.

13 Paix is where ideas are conceived and where they flourish. The location from whence all journeys begin and to which all roads lead. In the true sense of the word, home.

After over two years of restoration (from June 2020 to October 2022), a boutique that has been completely rethought, rebuilt, and restored has finally opened its doors, marking the beginning of a new chapter in this creative epic. Completely rethought. The six stories of the Maison have been redesigned by three different teams of architects that are close to the establishment and have collaborated to create a new look that is both comprehensive and deeply unified.

 Maison's historical and stylistic landmarks

Even though nearly nothing remains from the previous interior—which was also built from scratch—this massive new endeavor pays tribute to the illustrious past. The light hand that guides this change honors the Maison's history and its various decorative epochs while simultaneously imprinting them with a futuristic sensibility. The façade, historical features of the salons, ornamental details, and antique mouldings of particular enfilades have all been maintained, allowing the building's design and decoration to present a modern reinterpretation of Maison's identity and past.

A modern reinterpretation of Maison's identity and past: Cartier Boutique

The conservation of natural resources and the preservation of biological diversity are at the forefront of all Cartier restoration projects, so it's no surprise that this one too was built to stringent ecological specifications. Being a responsible and ethical structure, 13 Paix is meant to serve as an example, and this is of the utmost significance to Maison.

Cartier black marble interiors

While the building's exterior and defining characteristics have been preserved, the number 13 has been reimagined as a living symbol of the Maison. Three teams of architects, all of whom have worked with Cartier before and are therefore intimately familiar with the Maison, have coordinated their efforts to give the building a fresh new look.

On the ground and first two floors is where you'll find the boutique proper, while the entire third story is devoted to the many services offered to customers. The High Jewellery workshops may be found on the fourth floor, while the Archives, winter garden, and Residence can be found on the fifth and top floor, respectively. The goal of the project was to increase the amount of natural light in the space in order to make the building more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as to fulfil all the requirements for achieving the highest possible BREEAM rating.

High jewellery

As the home of some of the most striking style trends in the history of the Maison, and now at the hub of its creative ecology, the new boutique at 13, rue de la Paix was the appropriate spot to house a selection of special pieces.

Cartier Re-opens Its Doors To An All-New 13 Paix: The Art Of Metamorphosis

The introduction of the famed spotted Panther by Cartier in 1914 paved the door for a line of jewelry and timepieces bearing the inscription "13 Paix Paris" or the "13 Paix" coat of arms. Whether stylized or hyperrealistic, the fur is featured on a ring, cufflinks, a Nécessaire à Parfum box, and two timepieces (a bracelet and a cuff). Five pieces of High Jewellery and three unique limited edition watches (a Tonneau, a Tank Asymétrique, and a Cloche with the number 13 at 12 o'clock and the word "Paix" at 1 o'clock) round out this homage to some of Cartier's favorite subjects.

The brand-new 13 Paix
The brand-new 13 Paix is a place of exploration and amazement. It's not just a place; it comes to life, making the hunt for it as exciting as the reward for finding it. It is the perfect backdrop for the Maison's works and a much-loved address among the brand's loyal clientele, dedicated employees, and devoted fans.