Heritage vs. Innovation: Comparing the Craftsmanship of the Old Vs New Tissot Sideral

Heritage vs. Innovation: Comparing the Craftsmanship of the Old Vs New Tissot Sideral

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18 Jul 2023 |
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What happens when the sophistication of the past and the opportunities of the future collide? Such is the brand Tissot which has come out with some exciting timepieces. The Tissot Sideral introduced several decades ago was frozen in a block of ice to test its accuracy.

And now- three new variants have been introduced. How does the old fare versus the new? This is an intriguing question that Tissot has painstakingly fashioned into a timepiece to attract watch enthusiasts and experts alike.

Let’s compare the Tissot Sideral S 1970 vs Tissot Sideral 2023

This timepiece, which was introduced decades ago, immediately sparked the interest of watch aficionados. The vintage Sideral exuded a classic and timeless atmosphere with its lovely circular case and modest dial. It symbolized a time of elegance and sophistication in which simplicity was king. Wearing it inspires nostalgia and appreciation for the watchmaking tradition because of its understated appeal, which has withstood the test of time.

Tissot Sideral 2023

This timepiece's new version combines innovative technology with cutting-edge design. The new Sideral exudes a bold and self-assured attitude thanks to its sleek and angular design. Its dial displays complex intricacies in an artistic and functional symphony.

The new Sideral offers unmatched precision and performance thanks to cutting-edge materials and creative engineering, meeting the needs of the contemporary horological connoisseur.

Tissot Sideral 2023 - Yellow, Blue & Red

Exceptional attention to detail can be seen in both the old and new Tissot Sideral. The vintage timepiece features lovely hand-applied hour marks and a stunning crystal with a domed shape that shows the soft dance of light. The painstaking hand-wound movement is evidence of the talented craftspeople who dedicated their skills to producing a mechanical marvel.

Tissot Sideral

The new Sideral, on the other hand, embodies the spirit of technical advancement. While elaborate complications like moon phases and calendar displays show Tissot's ongoing commitment to pushing the limits of horological innovation, the automatic movement offers the wearer convenience and efficiency. This timepiece has a sophisticated attractiveness that compliments its excellent practicality because it was made using current materials like sapphire crystal and stainless steel.

Tissot Sideral - Red & Blue

Despite their differences, the classic and new Tissot Sideral share a tradition that appeals to watch enthusiasts all around the world. Each timepiece bridges the gap between the past and the present by representing a particular chapter in Tissot's ongoing narrative.

Side by side: Vintage Tissot Sideral S and the new Sideral

While the new Sideral demonstrates Tissot's forward-thinking vision for the future of watchmaking, the vintage Sideral serves as a delightful reminder of the brand's illustrious past. Which one would you choose?