Konstantin Chaykin - New Kolobok Watch

Konstantin Chaykin Brings Russian Folklore to Life in New Kolobok Watch - Geneva Watch Days 2023

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30 Aug 2023 |
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The newest creation from Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin brings a beloved fairy tale character to life. His new limited-edition wristwatch, titled "Kolobok," features an anthropomorphic dial in the form of the cheerful title character. This innovative timepiece playfully combines whimsy and fine craftsmanship.

Konstantin Chaykin_Kolobok_

Independent Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin has always pushed boundaries with his unique and imaginative timepieces. In 2013, his Cinema watch with a built-in mechanical movie projector captivated Baselworld visitors. Since then, Chaykin has become known for watches featuring anthropomorphic “face” dials, which he calls Wristmons.

Konstantin Chaykin_Kolobok_Assembling

The Kolobok watch follows this tradition, bringing the famous Russian fairy tale character to life in watch form. As described in the original 19th-century tale by Konstantin Ushinsky, the Kolobok is a plump golden bun who escapes from his grandparents but meets an unfortunate end. Chaykin felt the spherical, smiling Kolobok was the perfect model for a cheerful Russian Wristmon.

Konstantin Chaykin_Kolobok_Movement

To create an expressive, cartoonish face, Chaykin enlarged the hour and minute indicator “pupils” on the bright blue eyes. The convex dial with a reddish hue evokes the glossy crust of a freshly baked bun. The broad grin doubles as a moonphase indicator, with fairytale characters marking the days of the week.

Konstantin Chaykin_Kolobok

The handmade gold rotor visible through the caseback tells the story of the Kolobok in engraved imagery. A cozy cottage and birch tree surround a smiling sun, representing the bread symbolism in the tale. The Kolobok's origins inspired other details like the crown based on Chaykin's stellar Stargazer watch and the pillow-like case shape.

Konstantin Chaykin_Kolobok Caseback

By blending artistry, emotion, and mechanical ingenuity, Konstantin Chaykin has created a watch as warm and comforting as grandmother’s cooking. The Kolobok watch brings magic to the wrist while honoring Chaykin’s Russian heritage.