Le Régulateur Tourbillon Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein watch 2

Le Régulateur Tourbillon Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Black: A Syncretic Timepiece

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25 Mar 2024 |
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In a captivating collaboration between Louis Erard and the renowned designer Alain Silberstein, the "Le Régulateur Tourbillon Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Black" unveils a syncretic masterpiece that redefines the art of watchmaking. This limited edition of 78 pieces unveils a new era in their partnership, which has been flourishing since 2019.

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The tourbillon, considered the pinnacle of watchmaking artistry, has never before been offered as a single piece by Alain Silberstein – only in a triptych. Furthermore, it has never been presented on a black background, a color that is not merely a hue but a revealer, a canvas on which all other colors unfold their expressive potential. This black backdrop serves as an expressway to reach the essence of time, a syncretic and mythical piece that transcends conventions.

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Black is not just a color; it's a revealer, the background on which colors unfold their expressive potential. Alain Silberstein has explored the infinite possibilities of playing with these elements throughout his 35-year career, even creating his own color ranges. However, his roots lie in the essential, the basic spectrum of blue, red, and yellow, on a black background – the brand image of Alain Silberstein since his early Bauhaus-inspired creations in the 1990s.

The tourbillon, the gravity-defying mechanism gifted by Breguet to the watchmaking heritage, is not just an ingenious mechanism. It is life itself, expressing time that never stands still, time that escapes convention, time that is neither social nor technical but flows and is lived. This conceptual and philosophical approach requires a step back to appreciate the watch's newfound depth, opened at six o'clock to let the tourbillon breathe and reveal the mechanics beneath the bodywork.

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Alain Silberstein's dada has always been to create watches that express this complexity, revealing time in all its dimensions. His friendship with Manuel Emch, CEO and Artistic Director of Louis Erard, made this return to the tourbillon possible, complemented by the renowned watchmaker Olivier Mory's inspiration, a figure of contemporary mechanical creativity.

Olivier Mory revolutionized the art of the tourbillon by creating a customizable, affordable, yet entirely Swiss-made movement, produced within a few kilometers of his workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of Swiss watchmaking country.

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Manuel Emch, acting as curator, orchestrated these talents with the objective of making fine Swiss watchmaking accessible, an art in itself. The Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein Régulateur Tourbillon Black houses a Swiss-made tourbillon and is available at an unbeatable price, even if it's not a competition – because it stands alone in its category.

Olivier Mory, the tourbillon manufacturer, is a discreet but unique personality on the Swiss watchmaking scene. Trained at Sellita and later at ValFleurier, he bridged the gap between the two worlds, making the unattainable accessible. The movement he developed for Louis Erard bears witness to his talent, seamlessly combining the tourbillon and the regulator – Louis Erard's signature since its creation in 1929 – despite their shared origin in chronometry.

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Once again, Louis Erard's motto rings true: "Together we're always stronger." This collaboration promises more to come, cementing the complicity between Manuel Emch and Alain Silberstein through numerous collaborations.