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Louis Moinet’s Impulsion Puts A Show On Your Wrist

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28 Mar 2023 |
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Friendship and success in the watch industry brought Louis Breguet and Louis Moinet together. A tourbillon was developed by the former, while a chronograph was created by the latter. Les Ateliers Louis Moinet draws on a veritable wellspring of modern creativity at Watches And Wonders 2023, and they've managed to combine these two high complications under a single guise that evokes profound feelings. Get to know Impulsion!

LM-114.40.20_IMPULSION_Aventurine_FACE_BB_HD 2

It's not a completely novel concept to pair a chronograph with a tourbillon. The unique and daring personality of this timepiece sets it apart from others of its kind. The original concept was to showcase the chronograph mechanism in all its glory on the face of the dial. Then, the enchantment of a tourbillon was added.

The outcome is remarkable to look at and a visual treat. The seconds are counted off as the chronograph hand flies over the off-center cage of the flying tourbillon, which rotates once every minute upon activation of a single push button. The name "IMPULSION" was chosen for this invention because it draws attention to the power that animates the chronograph and the tourbillon and combines these two visual effects to create a complete "show."


The IMPULSION's internal Memoris calibre is its beating heart. The column wheel, traditional horizontal clutch, and single pusher are all hallmarks of Louis Moinet designs. Therefore, we took measures to guarantee that these features would be preserved.

LM-114.40.20_IMPULSION_Aventurine_FACE_BB_HD 2

It's easier to say than to actually do. There are 301 individual components that make up the mechanism, many of which had to be created from scratch. Significant innovations were required, for instance in energy creation, to accommodate the tourbillon.

1) A double spring barrel that can be turned around

The automatic winding system had to be swapped out for a manual double-barrel winding system to guarantee enough power. This configuration is known as a "volte-face" because the two barrels are connected in reverse. They all discharge at once, providing a 96-hour supply of energy.

2) The results in terms of technique and style

The complex mechanisms combine the innovation with exceptional performance. In the end, it creates stunning works of mechanical art that have never been seen before.

Thanks to the fine finishing by Louis Moinet artisans and their longtime collaborator Concepto, the three-dimensional architecture of the two powerful mechanisms is expressed on the wrist. Les Breuleux, located in the Swiss Jura Mountains, is where the watch is assembled. Moinet, self-employed watchmaker, signed it.

The IMPULSION's unique personality is reflected in the design of the case that houses it. The aesthetic and technical design is one of a kind. The mechanism is safe in the centre of the case. Grade 5 titanium, which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, is naturally used in its construction. Its light weight makes it more comfortable to wear. The 18-karat pink gold case is framed by your choice of Moinet blue or intense black for the inner core. Moinet includes hollowed-out lugs and a case middle as part of its stylistic lexicon to achieve light weight.

The curved crystal, which both displays the strength of the mechanism and facilitates easy reading of the chronograph indications, is a particularly evocative design element.

The chronograph counters are arranged so that they are unobtrusive and easy to read.

Exclusive timepieces

The Louis Moinet workshop in Saint-Blaise will only produce 28 of the reference LM-114.40.20. A secret number, which means only twenty-eight people will protect these valuables.