LVMH 2023: Bulgari Proves Time Is A Jewel With Its Stunning Launches

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11 Jan 2023 |
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Brilliant, eye-opening, upbeat, legendary. As the beat of Bulgari plays, time passes. The Maison's jewellery watches in Rome are designed to celebrate life's most memorable occasions. ‘Time Is A Jewel’ is proven by the combination of iconic style and risk-taking craftsmanship.

Starting in 2023, Bulgari's most recognisable pieces will be encrusted with glittering stones and will dare to adopt new personas while remaining true to the brand's enduring values. Vibrant hues, a symmetrical design, a strong Italian flavour, and a high value throughout! Let’s see the new launches at LVMH 2023.

1. Divas’ Dream

Divas' Dream is Bulgari's ode to the colourful and emotive Roman way of life. Their extravagant luxury and the carefree attitude of the Dolce Vita era go hand in hand. The Maison put an emphasis on the cabochon cut and the bold pairing of different coloured stones in the '50s. The designs bloomed with a rainbow of diamonds to represent the brand's motto, "Time is a Jewel."

Bulgari Divas’ Dream

The mosaics that adorn the floor of Rome's Baths of Caracalla were a source of inspiration for the artisans, who thought of the fan shape of the ginkgo leaf from that era. This theme serves as a unifying aesthetic hallmark and a springboard for riotous innovation in both the jewellery and watchmaking arts. The "Master of Colors," Bulgari, is no stranger to the glimmering Dolce Vita of the Divas' Dream.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream

The pearly face of Divas' Dream is surrounded by precious mobile petals that flutter in response to the user's wrist motions. The ginkgo leaf, which they resemble, represents the coming together of disparate ideas. Bulgari's latest creation expertly marries the durability of stones with the delicacy of fanned petals. The new Divas' Dream is made even more enticing by the addition of topazes, tanzanites, amethysts, tourmalines, rubies, and diamonds, all of which shine with a bright colour and promise.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream

2. Divas’ Dream Mosaica

The whole breadth of Bulgari's jewellery and timepiece skills is on display in two new, exquisite Divas' Dream Mosaica models. The dial is fully set with sapphires, and it features a fan-shaped pattern inspired by the mosaics that adorned the Baths of Caracalla. The first version of the watch is rendered in rose gold, while the second is rendered in white gold, with the dial displaying a sapphire gradient from pale pink to magenta. This design features a background of brilliant-cut diamonds and is framed by a beautiful fillet of polished gold. Bezel and crown are adorned with cabochon-cut diamonds, a trademark of Bulgari, and brilliantly coloured stones illuminate the hours. The rose gold Divas' Dream Mosaica features a purple alligator leather strap secured by a gold and diamond folding clasp.

Divas’ Dream Mosaica

The dial's designs are reflected in the bracelet's gemset lugs. Bulgari's goldsmiths designed a magnificent bracelet to complement their Divas' Dream Mosaica, which features blue sapphires. Each fan-shaped link is encrusted with a plethora of diamonds, making it look like a constellation of stars. See the Swiss-made, mechanical, self-winding movement that powers your Bulgari watch thanks to its see-through caseback. Each of these exquisite timepieces is a reminder of the Maison's roots as a jeweller and watchmaker, a genuine "Roman Jeweller of Time," as well as its Roman heritage.

Divas’ Dream Mosaica

3. Allegra

Allegra, in her free and priceless way, makes colours and forms glitter. Bulgari mixes up a sour beverage full of pleasant surprises, giving new meaning to the phrase "Time is a Jewel." Tourmalines, citrines, rhodolites, and peridots burst forth in a plethora of joyous forms, oftentimes paired with pink or yellow sapphires. After bursting onto the scene in 2022's summer, they continue to win over the Sun with their uninhibited elation.

Bulgari Allegra

4. Serpento Tubogas Infinity

Snakes are symbols of rebirth, knowledge, and vigour because of their graceful, slithering shapes. This magical beast has long captivated Bulgari because of its talismanic appeal. As early as 1948, Tubogas was encircling the wrist with its undulations thanks to its snakes, or serpenti in Italian, which featured a stylized geometry in the form of a watch. Several metres of gold or steel wire are coiled into a bracelet using a complicated procedure. In the latter 1950s, Serpenti underwent yet another transformation, this time adopting coloured enamel and precious stones for its scales and a more realistic face in the style of a cover hiding the case of'secret' watches.

Bulgari Serpento Tubogas Infinity

As part of the Serpenti Tubogas Infinity collection, the storied snake from Bulgari dares to transform once again, donning a skin that is both precious and limitless in its potential for innovation. Because of the sophisticated gemsetting decorating the watch's modular structure, the watch's serpentine form now extends from the case to the bracelet. Each ring is cast in its own mould, then polished, studded, and mounted on a titanium blade.

Bulgari Serpento Tubogas Infinity

The sparkling new snake from Bulgari is called Serpenti Tubogas Infinity. Snow setting on the dial, a gem-set bezel, and eight diamonds on the curve of the case bring out the sparkle that stretches the snake's head. While the Rome-based Maison is only debuting two variants of this new expression of Serpenti watches (with single tour and double tour bracelets, respectively), the approach ushers in unrestricted room for innovation. Both of the new designs honour the profound personal connection that exists between the wearer and their Serpenti by being fashioned after the model of a second skin.

Bulgari Serpento Tubogas Infinity

5. Serpenti Seduttori

The series of iconic serpent-inspired Serpenti Seduttori models is expanded with two new pieces featuring deep black lacquered faces. The first is made of steel, providing a stunning contrast to the dial, while the second combines steel with the elegance of rose gold. The Roman jeweler's characteristic pink rubellite atop the crown illuminates the sinuously interesting casing on one side. The bracelet's iconic scales blend into the casing almost imperceptibly. These understated expressions of modern splendour are securely fastened to the wrist with a folding clasp. A novel approach to recording and recalling the joyous little things that happen all the time.

Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori

Bulgari's historical pieces beautifully illustrate how the brand's creative lexicon has developed through time. Once again, a master jeweller and watchmaker breathes life into a classic design that bears the designer's identifying aesthetic standards.