Omega x MoonSwatch: Did We Just Unveil A Secret

Omega x MoonSwatch - Moonshine Gold: Did We Just Witness A MoonFraise?

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3 Jul 2023 |
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The Omega x MoonSwatch collaboration has been trending, making it to every enthusiast’s wrist or wishlists. But here’s a cool fact that we’d like to share with you – that may take away the cosmic charm of these timepieces but maybe intrigue more enthusiasts to watch out for what’s coming next!

We all thought that the planetary collaboration was the end and didn’t expect any more launches. But never say never. The brand came out with more timepieces inspired by the MOON! Before we get into the details of this fruity launch, here’s a cool fact we want to share with you:

You may want to watch out for the upcoming Full Moon Days as Omega x Swatch releases a special edition MoonSwatch on these days! 7th March – A highly anticipated sequel to their immensely popular Planet-Inspired MoonSwatches: Mission To the Moon Released!

moonshine gold

So, while it wasn't a MoonSwatch with a case made entirely of Moonshine Gold, that wouldn't have been very logical, right?

Even while the case is still made of bio-ceramic, the seconds hand has been coated in Moonshine Gold. The precise production volume was not disclosed in the official news announcement, although it did state that there would be a limited supply. This suggests that it will be very challenging to find these timepieces. Is this how the brand continues to maintain the hype?

omega x moonswatch

Although the seconds hand's Moonshine Gold finish may not seem stunning to some, collectors frequently find excitement in such small nuances, especially when the brand purposefully restricts the amount of available pieces. The MoonSwatch was created with the goal of offering an Omega experience at Swatch price range. However, depending on the previous year's release, you might have to pay up to four times the original retail price if you decide to buy a used Moonshine Gold Swatch. On the other hand, the addition of a seconds hand covered in Moonshine Gold could not have a big impact on how desirable the watch is.

And now, if the MoonSwatch with a golden hand was not enough, Omega x MoonSwatch has taken it further and introduced a new timepiece with the second’s hand featuring a strawberry pattern.

stawberry Moon

As a tribute to the Strawberry Moon, this Mission to the Moon boasts a second handcrafted of OMEGA's MoonshineTM Gold with a strawberry motif. OMEGA's MoonshineTM Gold, a special yellow gold alloy, was developed in 2019 and was inspired by the moonlit night sky. The unique seconds hand is made only once a month during full moon dates, which are believed to have a mystical effect on many things, including humans, according to the certificate that is included with the watch. This Mission to the Moon is offered for sale during the Mission to Moonshine Gold occasions, which happen on full moons all throughout the world.

Initial thoughts

While the original MoonSwatch line up did its job by introducing many to the world of the moonwatch, what could be the relevance to expand this collection with these new launches? While there have been mixed feelings about this new fruity addition, we’ll just attribute it to the fact that Swatch has always been known for its quirky side.

But coming to the cool fact we revealed earlier in this article, today happens to be a Full Moon too! What’s coming next? Watch out for the next Full Moon and find out!