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Ressence TYPE 1° Round Explores Essential Shapes At A Higher Horological Expression

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22 Mar 2023 |
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Timekeeping devices since the very inception of the concept have adorned a somewhat habitual aesthetic. Dominated by uneven hands reading out the basic time parameters, the core aesthetic format is practical but not always extraordinary.

That all has been reimagined with the inception of watches like the Ressence TYPE 1° Round that resemble none other!

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - Lifestyle 4 - HD

Challenging the symbols of timekeeping expression with an ethos of being brave and innovative, Ressence watches embody a satisfying and visually arresting design where every single component impelled by the universe is in relative motion to each other.

Taking Standard Timekeeping Format To A Level Beyond The Ordinary

With its re-invention of the core watchmaking standards, Ressence has introduced the new TYPE 1° Round which elevates the brand’s minimalistic incarnation of the time. The bi-directional layout of a regulator-style dial aesthetic features revolving discs for a truly ergonomic design.

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - 3-4 - HD

Bold enough to alter timekeeping conventions, the TYPE 1° Round fosters a meaningfully utilitarian yet emotional connection between the watch and its wearer. This timepiece which strives to romanticize the affair of time has an intricate array of design features that no other offering can match.

The Latest Evolution Of The TYPE 1 Story

In its pursuit for the purest expression of time, the watch embodies a design striving to reaffirm minimalistic elegance through opulent expressions of the essential round shape. A seamless marriage of the sapphire crystal and case results in the iconic shape highlighting the pebble design of TYPE 3 with the sleek aesthetics of TYPE 1. The result is a watch with a satisfying tactile quality that will gently blend with any wrist and style, becoming a daily companion.

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - Lifestyle 4 - HD

Benoît Mintiens, Founder of Ressence proudly states, “The new TYPE 1° Round is the latest iteration of our relentless research into essential, meaningful design. This new watch feels in tune with Ressence’s design philosophy. A better design is less design, function must prevail.”

All About The Details

As a perfect complement to the significant design improvements on the hypoallergenic Grade 5 Titanium case, the TYPE 1° Round introduces new details that make a big difference.

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - Flat - HD

Night Blue

The new design for the TYPE 1° Round features a Night Blue color which is dark and vivid, resulting in a greater depth to the visceral experience of time. The sun-rayed silver metallic discs with a multi-planetary array emphasize the motions by provoking mesmerizing reflections with time.

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - Dial Detail - HD

Refined Dial Design

Beyond its new hues, the TYPE 1° Round dial further leverages the arresting minimalistic layout for a refined yet graphically simplified display of timekeeping parameters. The indexes now occur every 10 minutes and a pop of color on the weekday dial highlights the 2 non-working days of the week.

The second and weekday hands are enlarged for improved legibility. What looks and feels so simple on the outside is anything but on the inside as an extended array of gear trains on the Patented ROCS 1.3 Module - Ressence Orbital Convex System featuring 27 gears makes the unique time expression possible.

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - Lifestyle 1 - HD

Intuitive Simplicity

As with all Ressence watches, the time-setting action doubles as a winding mechanism. The symmetric case shape highlighted by the absence of a crown further appeals to the wearer's preferences of fit for both the left and right wrist.

Ressence Type 1 Round - Night Blue - Caseback - HD

The TYPE 1° Round will be available worldwide in two finishes - Black and Night Blue - from June 2023 and is priced at CHF 16,800 (excluding taxes).