Seize The Moment Of Joy With Ressence’s Type 1 REV Grail Watch

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29 Apr 2022 |
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When two designers with a passion for exquisite watches join together, magic happens. Benoît Mintiens and Alain Silberstein have been friends since Ressence's inception. The new Ressence Type 1 REV Grail Watch collaboration is about a friendship between two men who share a passion for watchmaking design and creativity, which has resulted in a distinctive timepiece.

Seize The Moment Of Joy With Ressence’s Type 1 REV Grail Watch

Benoît Mintiens, the designer and founder of Ressence, represents one-half of this duo. This brand places function and the user at the center of its sleek and simple products, with a solid focus on the future of fine watchmaking. Behind the apparent simplicity, there are a plethora of innovative solutions that are intrinsic to the Ressence brand, allowing time to be expressed in such a unique and stunning way.

Ressence’s Type 1 REV Grail Watch

Alain Silberstein, a watchmaking architect who has been developing a unique style in the watchmaking world since 1987, in which the structures of geometric shapes communicate mischievously with a rainbow of eye-catching color and cutting-edge materials, joins Benoît in this enterprise. His approach to great watchmaking is artistic yet whimsical, and it's sometimes startling but more frequently captivating.

He was inspired by Philippe de Champaigne's 1646 "Vanitas" to develop a watch that emphasizes the transitory quality of life and the fragility of worldly belongings. This watch urges us to enjoy the present moment with our loved ones.

Type 1 REV Grail Watch

When asked by Revolution – Grail Watch about the brand he envisioned for this collaboration, Alain Silberstein was quick to reply: "Ressence and Benoît Mintiens". Only a Ressence watch with its unique discs and planetary movements could embody this equally unique interpretation of the passing of time. Seduced by Alain Silberstein's creative project, Benoît Mintiens offers the 41.5 mm Ressence Type 1 Slim watch as the basis for the design.


It has a 36-hour power reserve and is powered by an automated movement. With a miniature withering flower denoting the hours and a small skull punctuating the seconds, the rotation of this watch's minute dial perfectly symbolises the passage of time. The hourglass and the passage of time are referenced by the moving dial.

Seize The Moment Of Joy With Ressence’s Type 1 REV Grail Watch

The Ressence T1 REV Grail Watch is limited to 36 pieces and is priced at CHF22,500 (without taxes). Available only on starting May 1, 2022.