Gazing Into The Crystal Ball: Our Rolex Predictions For 2024

Gazing Into The Crystal Ball: Our Rolex Predictions For 2024

THM Desk
1 Mar 2024 |
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The watch world holds its breath as April approaches when Watches and Wonders 2024 kicks off in Geneva. What new pieces will the Crown have in store when they unveil their 2024 collection on April 9th? Let’s gaze into our crystal ball and imagine what Rolex might reveal.

After years of studying their history and patterns, I have some ideas about where Rolex could take things this year. I’ll walk you through my Rolex predictions for 2024. Get ready for some potential surprises!

A Cutting-Edge, Titanium Submariner

While the Submariner’s 70th anniversary was in 2023, it was officially presented to the public at Baselworld in 1954. Given signs of shifting strategy like the ultra-limited Le Mans Daytona, plus the Yacht-Master’s recent titanium debut, we predict a titanium Sub could emerge in 2024. It would retain the Submariner’s robust proportions while reviving beveled lugs reminiscent of the Deepsea. Honoring the 70th anniversary of its public release, titanium Sub dials may feature bold red text, evoking vintage references like the Double Red Sea-Dweller.


A Reimagined Milgauss Returns

With its magnetic resistance now common in watches at lower price points, the previous Milgauss felt redundant before its 2023 discontinuation. But Rolex’s partnership with CERN endures. We foresee a reimagined Milgauss making a comeback, returning to its tool watch roots at 37mm for distinction from other Rolex sports pieces and wearability. Design hallmarks like crown guards and a rotating bezel would accentuate its technical vibe. Most crucially, cutting-edge new technologies could finally deliver a fully amagnetic Milgauss, restoring its purpose. The iconic lightning bolt hand and red accents would link it to its heritage.


A Revived GMT-Master II “Coke” Bezel

2024 represents a landmark year for the GMT-Master, marking the iconic pilot’s watch’s 70th anniversary. It also signifies a decade since the introduction of the fan-favorite “Pepsi” ceramic bezel. Historically, Rolex waited approximately 10-11 years before launching the red and black “Coke” bezel after debuting new Pepsi versions. Combined with Rolex’s penchant for respecting heritage timelines and their new patent for manufacturing red/black ceramic bezels, we foresee the return of a Coke GMT-Master II in 2024. Crafting a bi-color black and red bezel poses fewer technical challenges than blue and red. The big question is whether the Pepsi will be discontinued or both kept in the catalog. Either way, a new ceramic Coke bezel would be a fitting commemoration of the GMT-Master line’s 70-year legacy. A white gold version would add further prestige.


Intriguing New Rolex Day-Date Releases

The Day-Date remains Rolex’s most prestigious watch, but lately Rolex has used it to stir debate via experimental dials. Continuing that provocative spirit, we predict a return of the “Tridor” – a Day-Date with a seamlessly integrated three-tone bracelet fusing white, yellow, and Everose gold. Discontinued in the early 2000s and never made in 40mm, a new Tridor would generate buzz. As attitudes about two-tones shift, the Tridor seems timely and on-trend.


The Meteorite Daytona Makes Its Triumphant Return

Following last year’s incremental update, some previous Daytonas remain missing in action – notably the beloved meteorite dial version. We predict its welcome revival in 2024, now housed in the new 40mm case with redesigned details like smaller subdials and narrowed indexes. The mesmerizing meteorite dial would be coupled with black contrasting subdials in white, Everose, or yellow gold. A black ceramic bezel on either the matching gold bracelet or sporty Oysterflex strap would complete the look. The new caliber 4131 and Chronergy escapement would power this modernized meteorite Daytona.


A Sleek and Modernized Yacht-Master II

Aside from minor dial tweaks in 2017, the Yacht-Master II has stayed frozen in time since its 2007 introduction. We foresee a much-needed streamlining in 2024 while keeping its regatta timer functionality intact. Our predicted updates include a refreshed 42mm case size, simplified bezel omitting the double 10-0 scale, and the option of a steel bracelet or sporty blue rubber strap. Mechanical upgrades like the new Chronergy escapement would modernize the movement—the result: a more contemporary, wearable Yacht-Master II.


But one can’t put anything past the Crown! Half the thrill is speculating what extraordinary novelties they might launch each year to shake up the watch world. Regardless, I'm confident that 2024 will introduce some remarkable new Rolexes. What are your predictions?