Seiko Celebrates India’s Enduring Legacy With Limited Edition Made Of Glory Timepieces

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10 Jan 2024 |
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India's journey has always been one destined for glory. Throughout the ages, our nation has seen empires rise and fall, weathered countless invasions, and witnessed the birth of new religions and philosophies. Yet through it all, India has endured - its rich culture, diversity, and spirit stronger than ever. India's rich heritage of craftsmanship and artistry has long made it a source of fascination for fine watchmaking. As early as the 17th century, complex timepieces were being produced in the empire under the patronage of the rajas and nawabs. Today, India's appreciation for horology continues, with leading Swiss and Japanese brands honoring the country's culture through limited-edition timepieces.

Seiko Limited Edition Made Of Glory

Joining the league, Seiko has created a fitting tribute to the glory of India with their first-ever "Made of Glory" limited edition timepiece. 

It was a pleasant surprise when Seiko announced this new India edition watch. The Seiko 5 Sports collection has long been revered for its durability, performance, and value - making it a favorite of those who appreciate finely crafted mechanical watches. These special edition timepieces - Indigo Blue & Ivory White take the much-loved Sports 5 design and add symbolic touches honoring India's national colors and spirit. 

Seiko Limited Edition Made Of Glory

The eye-catching saffron, white, and green stripes on the bezel immediately evoke India's flag and diversity. According to Seiko, these colors "encapsulate the essence of India's glory" - a glory earned through centuries of struggle, achievement, and perseverance. The vibrant stripes pop against the watch's stainless steel case and bracelet, creating a bold, celebratory look. 

Seiko Limited Edition Made Of Glory Close up

But beyond the symbolic colors, this is a true Seiko 5 Sports watch at its core, with all the quality features enthusiasts expect. The exhibition caseback reveals the 24-jewel 4R36 automatic movement powering the watch. The day-date complication provides added practicality, displayed in both English and Hindi for a thoughtful touch. The watch carries Seiko's reputation for accuracy and reliability, undergoing the brand's rigorous quality control and testing. 

Seiko Limited Edition Made Of Glory Caseback

Attention to detail elevates this India edition to collectible status. The commemorative box features an engraving of the Indian flag's Ashoka Chakra, while the included silicone strap offers an alternative look for an active lifestyle. And with a limited run of just 1,200 pieces and priced at Rs. 32000, the demand from Seiko fans is sure to be high.

Seiko Limited Edition Made Of Glory in front of Gateway of India

Seiko Limited Edition Made Of Glory Timepieces
As India continues on its path to modernity, its rich history and culture remain a source of pride. Seiko's "Made of Glory" timepiece perfectly encapsulates the nation's journey - one defined by the strength and spirit of its people. For Indian watch enthusiasts like myself, this collector's edition is a fitting tribute to our motherland, as iconic as the flag itself. When I strap on this watch, I'll wear it with the same sense of honor, celebrating the glory of India.